Pre-workout: What is it and should you be taking it?


One of the best ways to get ready for the gym is by taking a pre-workout supplement. Whether you’re feeling tired or need some help getting in the zone, we’ve narrowed down the top benefits of pre-workouts. Read on to learn how pre-workout products can support your fitness journey.

Best Fat Burners for Men

fat burners for men

If you’re a guy, fat burners can help you shed unwanted fat while maintaining and building lean muscle mass. In addition, you can see results faster with the right combination of ingredients to help. We’ve been sourcing top-performing fat burners for over a decade at Black Diamond Supplements. Here are our top-choice fat burners for men:

Best Fat Burners for Women


Weight loss isn’t always easy. In addition to diet and exercise, lifestyle factors like sleep, stress, and hormones play important roles in fat loss. For women, losing fat can feel like a highly complex process. However, if you are eating right and exercising but the scale isn’t budging, it may be time to try a […]

Top 10 Best Fat Burners on the Market


Sometimes clean eating and exercise aren’t enough to cut stubborn fat and shed those last pesky pounds. If you’ve dialed in your diet and stuck to your training, but the scale isn’t budging, it may be time to add a fat burner to your supplement regimen.  For over 10 years, Black Diamond Supplements has helped […]

How Do Prohormones Affect the Body?


Prohormones are a popular supplement among several people. Motivations include building lean muscle, increasing strength and endurance, fat burn, and performance enhancement. Prohormones offer many benefits, designed for serious bodybuilders and dedicated athletes.  As a hormonal supplement, these benefits often impact more than one aspect. With multiple effects on the body, it cannot be easy […]

Do Fat Burners Work?


There’s no magic pill or supplement for weight loss. Fat burn doesn’t occur without hard work and a dedicated routine. However, there are fat burner supplements that can enhance the body’s natural processes. These supplements still require rigorous diet and exercise to be wholly beneficial.  It’s cutting season and your main focus is burning excess […]