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Black Diamond Supplements has a selection of blend proteins that pack a lot of punch into every scoop. With more protein, fewer carbohydrates, and mixtures that control the release of amino acids to your hungry muscles, they’re an excellent addition to your diet. By combining slower-burning proteins like casein and faster-acting ones like whey, you’ll be able to support sustained energy, muscle repair, and muscle building both in and out of the gym. Don’t forget that your time away from the gym is just as important as your workout hours!

The Blend Protein Supplements we carry are all available in powders that you’ll love. They can be mixed with water for an easy shake-and-go beverage or can be added to whole or low-fat milk for a drink that is as smooth and satisfying as a milkshake. If you’re not a fan of how casein protein tastes, blend protein is fantastic. By mixing it with whey protein, these products have a smoother taste – not to mention a variety of delicious flavors. They’re perfect for replacing a meal, provide extra nutrition when you’re on the run, and keep you going through the night. When you’re sleeping, your body is busy rebuilding and repairing muscles, eliminating lactic acid, and getting maximum strength for your next workout session. They’re easy to digest and can help provide a steady feed of energy at any time of the day.

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