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Primeval Labs began with the premise that they would focus on two key principles and do them better than anyone else. First, they set out to make effective formulas that provide the best options for sports supplements in the market – and then make them the best-tasting supplements out there. With products like EAA Max, Mega Pre, and Intracell 7 leading their product categories, their success has been assured. As for their flavors? Judge for yourself! Primeval Labs leads the taste game competitors with blends like their Pineapple Mango and Pink Lemonade. They’re ready to make sure that their supplements not only support your goals but that you’ll truly enjoy every one of our products each time you use them.

After years in the sports nutrition industry, Primeval Labs continues to pursue excellence with ongoing product innovation, educated formulations, and world-class fitness ambassadors.

Primeval Labs has developed a range of products that cover your individual needs both in the gym and at home. They realized that some of the most important growth opportunities during the day are the hours in and around your training window. Consuming the right nutrients before, during, and after your training session may allow you to train harder for longer (ultimately accomplishing more work) and accelerate recovery, which allows you to get back in the gym sooner to train!

That’s why you’ll find premium-grade intra-workout supplements for seasoned gym rats in the Primeval Labs lineup, which include valuable nutrients that fuel performance and promote recoveries, such as essential amino acids (EAAs), and fast-digesting carbohydrates like Cluster Dextrin, Palatinose, and Carb10. Find your favorite Primeval Labs products here at Black Diamond Supplements.

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