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LG Sciences is all about delivering measurable results that their customers see immediately. Developed by bodybuilders who believe that time at the gym deserves faster, more visible dividends, LG has committed to providing a range of products that shift workout results into overdrive.

For serious athletes, building the perfect supplement stack can involve a lot of time, trial and error, and money. The team at LG Sciences wants to make it simple while keeping it hardcore. They understand that the best supplements are going to raise testosterone while lowering estrogen, that bulking and cutting are the names of the game, and other muscle-building basics. That’s why you can depend on their kits and individual products to help you complete your bulking cycles with legal prohormones, get shredded with the latest Cyclostome delivery technology, and get maximum muscle density without illegal anabolic. No fillers, no tricky labels. It’s all about good science, good nutrition, and cutting-edge supplements that work.

LG Sciences backs up its phenomenal line of products by serving as its testers. As serious bodybuilders, they know if their supplements work. Before any product is released, it has to pass their scrutiny and show real-life results. Their commitment to providing the best in sports nutrition to the modern man means not only rigorous lab testing but also the results they promise. Black Diamond is here to help you perfect your supplement stack. Start by exploring the range of LG Sciences formulas below, all at the best prices possible.

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