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DAS Labs first raised the bar in the pre-workout supplement category with their game-changing formula, Bucked Up. Using high-quality ingredients, including Deer Antler Velvet, DAS utilizes non-proprietary blends. Their approach is all about honesty in labeling: there’s no need to conceal the amounts of each ingredient that go into their product. They’re the first to tell their customers that Bucked Up – doesn’t use proprietary blends because they have nothing to hide.

At the core of the DAS formulas, deer antler velvet extract is a unique ingredient that offers epic results. Deer antler velvet refers to antlers in their growing, pre-calcified state. Antlers grow at speeds of some of the fastest known tissue growth in mammals. As an organ that is shed and regrown each year, deer antler velvet comprises key nutrients and calcium, allowing you to gain from the health benefits associated with deer antler velvet.

As a company, DAS Labs is dedicated to providing you with sports supplements that you can believe in. They supply cutting-edge formulas and products that work. For serious athletes, their supplements will take you to the next level of performance. Look to their top-notch blends to help you maintain focus in your longest, toughest gym sessions. Outside the gym, their vitamin blends are customized for both men and women, helping maintain your total health and nutrition needs. DAS knows that proper supplementation can give you that extra edge and push you beyond your expectations.

Depend on Black Diamond Supplements to offer the best prices on our DAS Labs product line, with the best customer service.

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