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Aaron Singerman of RedCon1 and Jared Wheat of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals are two fitness industry experts and entrepreneurs who have recreated a well-known brand, Prime Nutrition. Starting in 2014, they were introduced into the widely popular nutritional supplement market. Combined, they were a pairing of industry leaders who quickly saw the gap in creating hardcore-focused nutrition supplements and began the process of growing it once again. The focus of Prime Nutrition is to create the best products for both hardcore bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. It always has novel products in development that aim to keep moving forward with impressing fans who count on their supplements to succeed in and out of the gym.

Getting into peak physical condition and achieving your hardcore fitness goals requires attention to your lifestyle facets. It’s not just nutrition or the number of reps you’re putting in. For the kind of optimized results you’re looking for, you need to ensure you are getting adequate recovery time, the right sports supplements, and support for your body processes. Prime Nutrition realizes that the road to ultimate fitness and a carved physique requires a complete lineup of supplements, and they deliver. Serious athletes know that the Prime Nutrition range of products will help keep them on point and ready for every workout.

With popular products such as Phytoform and Intra-Elite in their lineup, Prime Nutrition delivers everything from Superfood health formulas to optimal peri-workout supplementation. Black Diamond Supplements carries Prime Nutrition’s range of sports supplements at the best prices, all backed by fantastic customer service. Find your favorites below.

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