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IronMag Labs has always had a mission to produce superior sports supplements for their customer athletes –  using the highest grade raw materials available. IronMag Labs kicked off its domination of the sports supplement industry by creating its flagship product Anabolic-Matrix in 2005. Today it’s still one of the most celebrated natural testosterone-boosting supplements available. Since their inception, the company founder Robert DiMaggio has earned a reputation as one of the industry’s most cutting-edge supplement formulators. Today, Black Diamond Supplements is your preferred source for their most popular products. You can depend on IronMag Labs to provide the most hardcore, pure, and legal supplements in the industry. The formulas are ready to add to your supplement stack and help you create incredible results from every workout.

With a history of creating game-changers in the sports supplement world, athletes can expect the most updated and innovative formulas from IronMag Labs. In addition, they’re committed to quality in their manufacturing and transparency in their labeling. Every IronMag Labs product is manufactured in an FDA-approved, registered, and inspected facility that maintains GMP certification and follows all FDA guidelines. In addition, all of the prohormones and compounds used in their products are independently lab-tested by a third party before encapsulation. Expect potent, legal compounds when you’re choosing IronMag Labs products.

Fans of the IronMag Labs formulas know that the company will continue to push the envelope in sports nutrition and supplementation. Look to Black Diamond Supplements to carry the best selections of IronMag Labs products, always at the best prices available. Start your journey to greatness by shopping them below.

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