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If Casein Protein isn’t already on your radar, it should be. We all know about whey protein – it’s a standard in the fitness community, and for a good reason. It’s widely available, and does a great job of providing the building blocks your muscles need to bulk up and repair themselves. In comparison, Casein delivers the type of slow-burning power you need to keep pushing through your whole day – and can even go on working at night, while your body rests and recovers. Don’t leave a gap in your current nutrition program – add one of Black Diamond Supplements superior Casein Protein products to your roster now. It perfectly complements your other protein intake, leading to more significant, healthier gains.

The slower digestion rate of Casein Protein is key to its star status. The same type of protein that’s found in cottage cheese, it’s been a staple of weightlifter’s diets for ages. But, let’s face it: cottage cheese is not everyone’s favorite! Using a simple flavored scoop of powder is the more modern alternative to access this particular protein’s power. It’s a great way to conquer hunger urges, enjoy a constant flow of amino acids into your system, and even help you sleep! Slow-burning casein protein can help you resist the lure of midnight snacks and rest better until breakfast.

Adding a scoop of Casein Protein powder to your favorite beverage, yogurt, or pudding is an easy way to supply a steady supply of power to your workout regimen. Check out our great selection of powders to find your favorite flavor.

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