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L-carnitine supplements are a valuable part of your fitness regime, and Black Diamond Supplements carry the best available. Why is L-carnitine a part of so many successful workout programs? Two reasons: It’s well known as an ingredient in top fat burners, and its performance benefits are also top-grade.

When you’re focused on bulking up and getting cut, L-Carnitine steps up your fat-burning capabilities in every workout. That’s just a part of what this particular amino acid does for your body. The metabolism-boosting effects are also a great pairing with a healthy diet.

On a cellular level, L-Carnitine’s role in transmitting fatty acid chains into the mitochondria is essential. Once the fats arrive there, they are converted into energy-creating fuel. Fat to energy? Sign us all up, right? Adequate L-carnitine levels ensure that this process keeps working efficiently, creating lean muscles, and converting fat to better purposes – like stoking your workout. For weight management and lean muscle gain, you’ll want to add L-Carnitine to your supplement toolbox.

The overall benefits of adding L-carnitine to your supplement stack are many. Take it with carbohydrates to ensure that your insulin levels are adequate and that your muscles are primed to receive this amino acid boost. L-Carnitine is especially suited to post-workout meals. Black Diamond Supplements has a range of supplements that are suitable to your particular schedule – we offer powders that can be added to a favorite beverage, or capsules that can be consumed at the time of day that’s most convenient.

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