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Iron Legion creates powerful formulas that are delivered via transdermal application. If you’re tired of gulping your supplement stack every day, these products provide a superior way to get amazing results with a simple lotion. For serious athletes, Iron Legion’s transdermal delivery system boosts the bio-availability of ingredients to levels that would not be possible via oral administration.

Iron Legion’s legendary Salvo carrier is at the top for transdermal formulations, allowing their products to deliver multiple compounds in a readily bioavailable form effectively. Ingredients such as beta Andros enediol (Androstene-3 beta-7 beta-17 beta-triol) – a powerful cortisol modulator and immune-boosting agent help reduce cortisol promote fat-burning, and libido, and optimize testosterone ratios. Expect their best-selling Invictus formula to fill in multiple spots in your supplement stack, providing benefits such as increased fat loss, maintaining muscle mass and preventing catabolism, reduced inflammation, improved immune response, zero conversion to HPTA-suppressive hormones, and more. Invictus can be used during PCT, and easily stacked with your favorite fat-burning supplements.

Iron Legion has focused on cortisol suppression to address many needs seen in the fitness community. As one of the body’s most abundant and important endogenous steroids, cortisol’s role in the human body is to break down nutrients and bodily tissue for energy provision (to be catabolic). It is also known to act as an immunosuppressive and to regulate blood sugar. With cortisol levels in check, you have more control over your body and can achieve fitness goals that have not been possible in the past. Explore the Iron Legion lineup here at Black Diamond Supplements, all at the best prices available.

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