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Does the name Suppress-C sound familiar? The name was at one time synonymous with topical cortisol control products. So much so that Xtreme Performance Gels purchased the naming rights to Suppress-C to bring back this legendary name. If that isn’t exciting enough, Xtreme Performance Gels has acquired the rights to another legendary topical name/formulation and will be reintroducing it as well in the coming months. The EXP lineup of topically applied gels offers ease of use and some major advantages for serious lifters.

Do you want to show off your abs underneath your belly fat? XPG has the answer! Ab-Solved by Xtreme Performance Gels is a great example of their technology. This topical gel helps to target that stubborn belly fat fast. Ab-Solved goes after your unwanted love handles and stomach fat by increasing the heat through thermogenesis.

Ab-Solved specifically aims to attack the visceral adipose tissue – that’s the body fat stored around your abdominal area, under the organs, and your abdominal muscles. Like all the XPG gels, Ab-Solved is extremely fast-acting, generously dosed, offers rapid delivery of ingredients, and is highly portable when you’re on the go to the gym.

If you need that additional push, you can get that extra motivation to see better results faster using gels is a great way to ignite that intensity and blast through barriers to becoming fit. There is no better feeling than putting up that extra weight or getting that extra rep. Select your favorite Extreme Performance Gels formula from the Black Diamond Supplements lineup below.

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