Jaret Boston

I’ve done business with you guys twice before and this order made it the third. You guys make some killer products and always exceed my expectations. Thanks for the wrist straps and stickers! Definitely will be ordering from you guys again in the future. Always good business with you guys. Cheers.

Pat C

Your company is awesome first of all. I meant to review you guys a while back but I have been very busy. The first order I placed was a few months back, and there was an issue with one of the products I ordered and one of your guys gave me a phone call and gave me options on another supplement to make up for the one that was not in stock. Shipping was also refunded but remained priority. I wish I could remember his name but he was awesome and extremely polite and helpful. I want you guys to know that since then, I became a customer for life. You guys have a great selection and I have referred friends and also other police officers at my department to order and use you guys. I just placed another order a few days ago and I will continue to do so. Thanks for being an awesome group.

Bryce Hoover

You were really great to work with Brian. I really appreciate all the help you gave me and good information and trust me I did a lot of researching before I made my choice and you were the only site that had a legit customer service line with someone that knew what they were talking about and could really point me in the right direction. After talking with you and getting to listen to the knowledge and personal experience you have had with these different prohormones you offer, I now know that as long as I get my package of goodies (HAHA I’m sure I will), then I will continue to deal with your company.

Thanks so much

Nick Schneider

I wanted to thank you for all your help with my most recent order! I have always been very happy with Black Diamond Supplements! Not just in the product but the information and product knowledge given. I have always had Tons of questions and you have explained and recommended all the right products! Also and the main thing for me.. was you stopped me from ordering something I didnt need, made a good suggestion, and I was Very pleased with the results (You Saved me money!).

Last but not least I can always look forward to prompt responses to Emails as well as Phone calls. Customer Service is Fantastic! Shipment of products have ALWAYS been prompt and Complete!

Thank you.I  look forward to my Next Order and your New Heavy duty T-shirts to wear at the gym!!

Best Wishes


Hey guys I just want to say that your a great company and my package arrived on time (I missed the delivery attempt today). I’m definetly going to order again in the future.

Ordering from you guys soon


Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service. My boys in Afghanistan appreciate the timeliness and the quality products. Great job!


WoW, Amazing I placed an order late on a Friday so I knew nobody would touch it till Monday. Little did I know because my order was on my front door Wednesday and great job on the packaging. Black Diamond Supplements are (G2G)

Chase Swertfeger

Fast shipping… & it’s legit. I’ll defiantly take my business to Black Diamond.


Thank you for your help. I am very satisfied with the customer service of Black Diamond Supplements, you went above and beyond helping me complete my order. I will highly recommend this website to my friends and family.

Again thanks for your help and honesty.


Had a problem with a product and didnt think I would get anywhere, but I was totally wrong. They stepped up took care of me without a problem and a super nice person i was chatting with. Nice to see a company step up and take care of their customers. NOW I WILL ONLY BUY SUPPLEMENTS FROM BDS.



I want to just thank you guys for shipping my last order to me so fast. It’s hard to get good supplements over here since I am deployed. I just ordered from you again 2 days ago. Best supplement website I’ve ever found. Thanks again.


I wanted to thank you guys for my order. I placed it on the 25th and received it today on the 28th. Awesome shipping! Couldnt be happier! I heard a lot of good things about you guys so I figured I’d start purchasing from you and the fast shipping def sold me. Thanks again!


Jordan Bowman

Hi. Just got my shipment in and it came in no time. Great service! Thank you so much. Also, thanks for the free sample. Didn’t expect that at all. I will order from you guys again and spread the word.

Thanks Again

Richard English

Just received my first order from you today, as I am working in the Middle East I was depending on you to fill my order quickly. Thank you, as it arrived in just 8 days. Also, thank you for the free shaker, I am a satisfied customer. I will be placing all my orders with you in the future and I will pass on your great customer service to my friends, train hard.

Austin Cargill

Thank You.

I just wanna say thank you for the helpful reply, fast shipping and free protein powder packet. You have my future business 🙂

Kevin Johnson

Black Diamond is a great place to get hard to find stuff that really works. They ship quick;no matter where you live, you’ve got your stuff in 2-3 days tops. Their prohormones are the real deal, ones that will make you blow up like an abortion clinic. Their staff is super helpful and understanding of any concerns you have. Nobody paid or even asked me to say this stuff, I was just so impressed I sought out how to leave feedback. All the stuff Amazon is out of stock, is in stock here. Trust me, just place a single item order if your leery and once you see how fast they ship and how fast your weight gain is, you’ll be sold. I’d trust these guys with a $1000 order.

Kenneth LaGarde

Black Diamond Supplements has really impressed me. It is difficult to get supplements shipped overseas to military bases. It usually takes about 2 weeks. Black Diamond Supplements sent mine in 5 days along with a preworkout sample that I might be purchasing in the near future. Because of you guys, I canceled my orders from other companies and will only be shopping through you guys. By far the most reliable and quick company I’ve ever dealt with. I now see why my friend was so excited to tell me about this website. PLEASE STAY CONSISTENT!

Jontay S.

I was looking for Redline Whiteheat by VPX when I came across this site. I found what I was looking and more. In addition, there was a mistake with the shipping of my order, I contacted the company they apoligized and upgraded my shipping method for free to get it to me before I left on my leave for the next week for the holidays. They also stated they would send me some free things, most of the time when a company says this its usually a few sample packs and a free shaker cup. When I opened the package, I had a full tub of Dymatize Xpand 2x and a 10 day supply of Clutch N’Gage. I have referred a few friends to the website already, but I will continue to order from these guys and they have amazing customer service. Thank you for the great supplements.

Austin C.

I just wanted to let y’all know that I am very pleased with your service. You’ve got great prices, my orders always get here fast and sometimes contain free samples. Thank you.

Mikeal W.

Outstanding! Your customer service is exceptional and I will certainly use your site again and recommend you to everyone! Thank you again!

William Cavagnaro

My name is William Cavagnaro. I just wanted to mention how much I enjoy ordering from your online shop. Today I orderd more Andro 300. 2 months ago I orderd 2 bottles of Andro 300 from another supplement shop only to find both bottles were underfilled and had the white defective pump which leaked product all over my dresser. The Andro 300 I got from Black Diamond Supplements was correctly filled and had the new black pump on it. I will only buy my Andro 300 from you guys at Black Diamond Supplements because I trust you and enjoy your customer service. I like and respect the way you guys at Black Diamond Supplements run your business.

Thank you!

Wild land fireman for the USFS (Engine 53)

Curt Archibald

Black Diamond has the best prices and fastest shipping out there.

Thank you Black Diamond!! You have a new loyal customer.


This is a great site with great products. You will not find better prices online from any other reputable seller. The shipping is cheap and fast. I have never had an issue and have been a customer for years.


Just wanted to let you guys know I just made my first purchase. I appreciated the free 2 day shipping, the availability of hard to find products, the pricing which beat most other sites, and lastly, the high quality free samples! This is officially my go to site. I just ordered Mesomorph with DMAA from mysupplementstore. They claimed to still have one flavor in stock but never sent it to me. They billed my card so after three weeks I had to dispute the claim. It was a huge pain so you guys are a breath of fresh air after that experience.

I also liked that t-shirt, good quality.

T. Stewart

I recently purchased a few products from here. I’ve never bought from this website before so I was a little skeptical, but I went ahead with it after talking to one of the representatives online and they were very helpful. I received my package within the week and I’m very happy to try out the product. Thanks Black Diamond!


Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. My second cycle of supplements came in the mail today and I was very impressed with the speedy delivery and the sample pouch of whey protein from Brian. I can’t wait to replace my order from you guys next month!!!!!!