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ALR stands for Achieve Legendary Results, and Black Diamond Supplements is ready to help you do just that with its product line. Their formulas cover the range of needs for today’s athletes, getting their customers into shape the right way. Look to ALR for weight loss and control, muscle building, workout recovery, and top-quality protein supplements.

ALR Industries specializes in the research and development of proprietary nutraceuticals for supplement manufacturers all over the world. Every ingredient in every product is subjected to rigorous quality control testing, ensuring the company’s products are safe and effective. ALR Industries is proud to provide high-quality products to fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

You can see the ALR’s dedication to quality and advanced formulations in products like their protein supplement HumaPro®. It’s formulated with not only all the essential amino acids your body needs to crank out workout results, but ALR ensures that they’re available in the exact ratio and sequenced delivery for what you require to fully utilize them.

Once you’re into the reps, you’ll appreciate the years of science that go into ALR products like their Viper Hyperdrive formulas, using their unique ingredient Thermo-Rx and other potent stimulants that support extreme energy, a great mood, and optimal weight control. For any part of your active lifestyle, you can depend on ALR for top quality and synergistic formulas that get you ahead. Black Diamond Supplement carries a variety of these extraordinary formulas that are used by  ALR Industries-sponsored athletes at the top competitions worldwide, all at great prices.

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