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Pre-workout: What is it and should you be taking it?


There are several ways to prep for a hard workout. Eating protein-rich meals and drinking plenty of water are definitely effective methods. However, there’s another way to achieve the results you’re after, and it starts before you walk into the gym. This is where a pre-workout supplement comes into play!

One of the best ways to get ready for the gym is by taking a pre-workout supplement. Whether you’re feeling tired or need some help getting in the zone, we’ve narrowed down the top benefits of pre-workouts. Read on to learn how pre-workout products can support your fitness journey.

What is Pre-workout?

It is a supplement that is taken before the start of a workout. The most common types of pre-workouts come in powder form. The powder is usually mixed with water and taken prior to the start of your training. Of course, pre-workout can also come in the form of pills and food. However, powders are one of the most popular types. 

Ingredients in Pre-workout

The ingredients in pre-workouts are standard across most products. Various acids and vitamins are usually present, and each has unique characteristics to help the body peak performance during a workout. Many of these ingredients already exist in the body as compounds naturally produced by different systems, and boosting these levels lets the body enjoy its benefits long after leaving the gym.

Black Diamond Supplements focuses on top-performing supplements and offer several that also function as fat burners. In addition, we offer top-of-the-line, results-driven supplements that help you level up your workout. These are the most common ingredients found in many of our pre-workout supplements:


Creatine is an amino acid found in the muscles of the body, as well as the brain and bones. When consumed, it acts as an aid for building lean muscle mass. It also supports the body’s quick recovery post-workout. In addition, it shortens rest times and repairs micro-damages you may sustain during workouts. 


While most people enjoy a morning cup of coffee, caffeine functions the same way in its supplement form. Caffeine’s main job is stimulating the brain and bringing increased body energy by kicking the nervous system into gear. It can also encourage blood flow to key muscle areas, which is a benefit for heavy lifters and long workouts.


Beta-alanine supports clarity and focus. If you’re looking to engage in workouts with timed circuits or fast-paced routines, taking a pre-workout supplement with the appropriate levels of beta-alanine can optimize energy and give you some much-needed motivation. 

Vitamin B

Vitamins continue to work long after your workout is finished. They stabilize your metabolism and nourish the body after exercise. Vitamin B complex can take many forms, and this powerhouse vitamin strengthens your immune system, hair, and nails. Just make sure that the percentage per serving works for your body weight and goals and that you’re consuming the right amount. 

Why Should I Take a Pre-workout?

Anyone looking to achieve results through their exercise, beyond what standard diets can offer, should consider incorporating pre-workout supplements into their routine. One of the main benefits of taking pre-workout is the increased energy for performance. So if you’re looking to maximize your energy and increase your strength before exercising, pre-workout can deliver powerful results that help you reach your fitness goals.

Is Pre-workout Bad for You?

The short answer is: No. Pre-workout supplements can have many potential health benefits. They have nutrients and vitamins necessary to give you an energy boost or a pre-workout pump

Consuming pre-workout is a great way to vitalize the body before a run, weight-training session, or fitness class. Choosing the right pre-workout ingredients is important for your body. And taking these supplements as recommended will give you the results you want while avoiding any adverse side effects from taking too much.

What is the Best Pre-workout for Me?

Now there’s more variety than ever when choosing the right pre-workout for you. Black Diamond Supplements carries hundreds of high-quality supplements that help athletes reach their full potential, no matter your fitness regimen. We will help you find the perfect pre-workout products for your training needs.

Black Diamond Supplements has curated a list of top-performing pre-workout products that will give you a boost of energy for exercise without the dreaded crash later. Check out our roundup of top 10 pre-workouts to find the supplement that best suits your needs. Also, you can connect with one of our knowledgeable team members to research the best products for your lifestyle. 

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