Looking Back on 2017 Biggest Fitness Trends

Looking Back on 2017 Biggest Fitness Trends  It’s no secret the wellness industry is blowing up. Instagram has become a stage for fitness models and it seems like just about everyone is a fitness influencer/motivator these days. However, that is not the only trend that’s hitting the industry. Recovery techniques like cryotherapy and cupping are […]

Supplement Deals of the Month

Black Diamond Supplements takes pride in bringing you the top brands in the supplement industry at highly competitive prices. We understand that shopping online, while convenient, may lack the level of customer service and expertise that a retail assistant can provide. Think of this blog post as a retail assistant talking you through all the […]

How to Lose Fat Lifting Weights

Let’s be honest. Cardio isn’t for everyone. The thought of running for hours on a treadmill doesn’t always motivate us to get to the gym. Most are familiar with the widely-known rule that cardio is for losing weight and weight-lifting is for gaining muscle. But, let’s dig deeper into this. I want you to ask […]