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Black Diamond Supplements takes pride in bringing you the top brands in the supplement industry at highly competitive prices. We understand that shopping online, while convenient, may lack the level of customer service and expertise that a retail assistant can provide. Think of this blog post as a retail assistant talking you through all the ways you can save on supplements this month. And how these products can help you achieve your goals. Visit our website every month to check out the selection of deals we’re running.  Now, let’s talk deals.

This month is perfect for stocking up on your favorite pre-workout and fat burning supplements! Especially in preparation for the holidays. We know thanksgiving is coming up and fat burning definitely becomes a higher priority in our minds.  So we have three pre-workouts and two fat-burner deals this month!

Let’s start with our fat burners. HydraShred is buy one get one 50% off and Meltdown Princess is 20% off. How do you know which one is right for you? It depends on your preference. Our Hydra Shred comes in tablet or powder form. You can add Hydra Shred Powder to shakes and drinks. Meltdown Princess fat incinerator comes in capsule form.

Women may choose Meltdown Princess for the simple fact that it’s designed especially for them. Female fat loss is a completely different process than male fat loss. This product will reduce your appetite and increase your focus, energy and ability to melt that fat while ‘turning off fat storage and turning on fat burning.’

You’ll find quite a few naturally derived extracts that are proven to assist in fat loss in this product. These include black pepper extract,  Theacrine derived from chinese kucha tea, huperzia serrata (a traditional chinese medicine), Hordenine HCI (a plant-derived stimulating fat burner) and synephrine, a compound found in a bitter orange fruit used for weight loss, also native in China.

Meltdown Princess contains Yohimbe extracted from the bark of an evergreen tree native to west Africa. Studies show it blocks receptors in your body that get in the way of losing fat. A three week study in 1991 of 20 overweight women on 1,000 calorie diets showed that women given yohimbe supplements lost on average three pounds more than the group receiving placebo pills.

Meltdown Princess Fat Incinerator 

Deal: Additional 20% off.

Our other fat burner deal this month is HydraShred. You can find an explanation of all of the ingredients here.

HydraShred Fat Burner

Deal: Buy One Get One 50% Off (just add 2 to cart)


Here is our range of pre-workout deals this month. Pre-Workout Supplements are the perfect way to start your regiment at the gym, providing all the nutrients, energy boost and the will to push yourself to get stronger, look leaner and be the best you can be, before you even work up a sweat or pick up a weight.

Total War Pre-Workout

Deal: Buy One Get One 50% Off (just add 2 of the same flavor to cart)

Big Noise Pre-Workout

Deal: Buy One Get One 50% Off (just add 2 of the same flavor to cart)

Kraken Extreme Pre-Workout 

Deal: Buy One Get One 50% Off (just add 2 of the same flavor to cart)

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