Learn About Our Supplement Products on Sale This Month

Black Diamond Supplements takes pride in bringing you the top brands in the supplement industry at highly competitive prices. We understand that shopping online, while convenient, may lack the level of customer service and expertise that a retail assistant can provide. Think of this blog post as a retail assistant talking you through all the […]

Breaking Down Your Multivitamin

There always seems to be a debate on whether multivitamin supplements are necessary or even effective. When we think of bodybuilding supplements, or the products we purchase with the intention of getting ripped, multivitamins don’t usually come to mind. But don’t be mistaken, they still play a vital role in your supplement regime. Think of […]

10 Outdoor Workouts to Break Out of Your Gym Routine

We all know building a physique can get repetitive. It requires dedication and perseverance. You work each muscle group then start the cycle over again. Doing the same sets and reps day in and day out can be as exciting as drinking the same vanilla protein shake everyday; you get tired of it. Maybe you’ve […]