The Benefits of Thermogenic Pre Workouts

No matter your training routine, pre workout products can provide the nutrients, energy boost, and will to push yourself to get stronger. In addition, thermogenic pre workout supplements have unique characteristics that will benefit you when building muscle, losing weight, or preparing for a fitness event. 

What Is Thermogenesis?

Just like it sounds, thermogenesis is the generation (genesis) of heat energy (thermal) in the body. 

The concept is that by producing heat in your body, thermogenic nutrients will boost your metabolism, enhance your energy levels, and multiply the number of calories you burn. Simply put, when the temperature of your body tissues rises, you burn more calories and increase your endurance. 

You may ask, “Are thermogenic pre workout supplements effective?” The research indicates the answer is definitely yes! 

What Does a Thermogenic Pre Workout Supplement Do?

A thermogenic pre workout product is a dietary supplement used to enhance performance, increase stamina, boost energy, and help you focus during your workout. Here’s how:

  • Metabolic Rate and Fat Loss. Multiple studies confirm that the fat-burning ingredients in thermogenic supplements increase your metabolism and can help you lose weight
  • Muscle Gain. Maintaining muscle mass as you age is associated with longevity, and who doesn’t want to live a long and healthy life? Multiple studies reveal the use of thermogenics leads to greater muscle mass gains
  • Improve Endurance and Stamina. Without a doubt, thermogenesis can intensify your workout. Documentation validates that certain thermogenic pre workout nutrients significantly improve upper and lower body strength and power output.

The benefits of thermogenics don’t stop with calorie burning. 

Most thermogenic supplements appear to positively impact cognitive function, contributing to increased focus, mood, and overall energy levels. In addition, published research confirms that taking thermogenic supplements prior to exercising can improve your mental concentration.

In other words, the best thermogenic pre workout formulas motivate you to show up for your training session and keep a consistent routine for maximum results.

Common Thermogenic Ingredients

Most thermogenic products are formulated with a blend of metabolism-boosting compounds. This gives you the energy and drive to train longer and with more intensity.

Some of the most popular nutrients include:

  • Caffeine. This well-known stimulant is used by billions of people worldwide. Caffeine supports weight maintenance during exercise through thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Taken regularly, caffeine may reduce your appetite and help regulate your body weight.

    Studies reveal that caffeine is beneficial in boosting performance, not just at the gym, but across a wide variety of sports and activities.

    Plus, as many of us know first-hand, caffeine helps increase mental alertness and decrease that sleepy lethargic feeling. This extra boost is especially useful when we are headed out for an early morning training session.

  • Bitter Orange. Containing p-synephrine, bitter orange is a potent energy-boosting thermogenic nutrient. It promotes calorie burning and fat loss.

    Perhaps more importantly, bitter orange reduces the perception of fatigue. As a result, your exercise routine will be easier while increasing training adherence. This means you’re more likely to show up at the gym and not skip your workout.

  • Cayenne. A popular spice used for cooking, cayenne pepper contains a phytochemical called capsaicin. This specific ingredient enhances thermogenesis, supports appetite control, helps increase energy, and lowers body fat.

  • Green Tea. Naturally containing caffeine, green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat loss. The EGCGs (epigallocatechin gallate) found in this nutrient help with cutting weight and long-term weight management.

Thermogenic Pre Workout Side Effects

When taken as directed, thermogenic supplements are considered safe. Studies confirm both the effectiveness and safety of consuming a pre workout supplement. These results include formulas containing caffeine, creatine, amino acids, B vitamins, and more that were taken without adverse effects.

Always read the ingredient label since some pre workout thermogenic products contain extremely high amounts of caffeine and other stimulants that may affect your sleep or increase your heart rate and blood pressure. If you take prescription medications or have a medical condition, always check with your healthcare professional before updating your supplement routine.

The Bottom Line

Thermogenics can give you the extra push you need as you work to meet your fitness goals. Training hard and seeing progress in weight loss, muscle growth, muscle mass, and definition can be enhanced with thermogenic pre workout supplements. 

Choosing a science-based formula will kickstart your metabolism, increase energy, help burn fat, and intensify endurance to help grind out a few more reps, run a little further, or break through a plateau.

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