Ephedra 101: What You Need to Know

If you’re in the market for a fat loss product, one ingredient you may come across is that of ephedra. You may have heard mixed things about ephedra, some people claiming it is dangerous and should never be used while others stating that it’s the best fat burning compound out there. What’s the real deal? […]

Are There Really Exercises to Stay Away From?

Longevity and injury prevention are becoming a big part in exercise and you may hear about things you shouldn’t do in the gym. This could range from different tweaks in form to staying away from a machine as a whole. This is actually true in some cases, but if you are injury free and you […]

Exercise Tips for Posture and Body Pain

When a lot of people think of exercise they will often times think of those people who are drenched in sweat, trying to catch their breath, and throwing a ton of weight around. With this said, it is becoming more popular for people to use exercise for corrective reasons. Most jobs will have effects on posture and with […]