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How Do Prohormones Affect the Body?


Prohormones are a popular supplement among several people. Motivations include building lean muscle, increasing strength and endurance, fat burn, and performance enhancement. Prohormones offer many benefits, designed for serious bodybuilders and dedicated athletes. 

As a hormonal supplement, these benefits often impact more than one aspect. With multiple effects on the body, it can be challenging to sort fact from fiction. New stories paint all prohormones as bad, while plenty of safe, reliable options are available. Sure, some options may have health risks, but only if you invest in cheap, unregulated alternatives or misuse them.

Before determining whether prohormones suit your fitness goals, let’s explore how they affect the body. Then, we’ll highlight the benefits, what it does to the body, and potential side effects to consider.

Benefits of Prohormones

Modern-day prohormones are derivatives of DHEA and these compounds convert via an enzymatic process once in your body to naturally occurring hormones, delivering effects via the bloodstream. These naturally occurring hormones, which deliver anabolic effects, are vital for building muscle and increasing strength and endurance. They are generally considered safe and there is minimal to zero liver toxicity when using them.

Strength, Muscle, and Performance

For targeted results, prohormones provide the opportunity to increase muscle, build strength, and elevate performance stamina. However, experiencing these benefits relies on proper dosing and adequate exercise.

Activating the hormonal benefits of supplements depends on the user. Without quality ingredients from a trusted wholesaler, how do you know if you’re getting the strongest prohormones? Reliable products with reliable results depend on the user as the quality of prohormone used. 

Medicinal Usage

Understanding that all prohormones are not meant for muscle-building and performance enhancement is essential. However, as mentioned above, some prohormones naturally occur in the body, and synthetic supplements are needed to trigger vital interactions within the body, especially for those with vitamin deficiencies. 

Side Effects

A recent study comparing military usage of dietary supplements, including prohormones, reported nearly 20% with adverse effects. Yet these negative side effects seemingly appeared in those overdosing or misusing recommended dosage of said supplements, only 8% of which were on prohormones. It’s also important to note the higher physical activity levels required for military personnel to perform their duties.

Because prohormones are legal, some people feel comfortable taking them without any research or prior knowledge. Creating complex stacks for cutting, bulking, or other fitness goals requires mixing multiple supplements. Without a clear understanding of fundamental interactions between different prohormones, even the best prohormone may not work as it was designed.

Although stacking is a great way to effectively reach physical goals in strength and stamina, the potential for side effects increases when prohormones are misused. In addition, a few users should avoid using muscle-building supplements, especially young men under 18, as their endocrine system is still developing.

Some supplements are safe for women, but most are designed for male testosterone levels. Therefore, it’s essential to reference any medical details on packaging and, if still uncertain, speak with a medical professional for the best clarity.

A few side effects are familiar to those who misuse, overdose or avoid checking the possible adverse interactions with other substances. These effects vary in intensity and endurance based on several factors. Some of these effects may include:

  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Sleeplessness
  • Increased anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Acne
  • Mood changes
  • Hair loss
  • Estrogen increase
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Increased or decreased libido

Everyone does not experience these side effects, nor are they always severe enough to trigger medical concerns. However, the harshest, longest-lasting side effects, which do raise medical concerns from high health risks, often occur in those who overdose and even ignore the advice of healthcare professionals. 

Set Clear Fitness Goals

If you’re investing in the strongest prohormones on the market, you need a straightforward fitness routine. Whether you’re bulking, cutting, or aiming for higher workout intensity, you need to understand how prohormones affect you personally. 

With a straightforward fitness routine, you can narrow down your prohormone cycles, plans, and dosing. When you invest in a new anabolic stack or supplement routine, read the labels. Check in with a physician if you’re not confident in your judgment. More than anything, do your research and only buy prohormones for sale from a trusted retailer.

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