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What Are the Best Prohormones For Mass?

Prohormone Pills

There are plenty of top-performing prohormones available for lean or hard muscle definition, performance enhancement, and testosterone boosting. In addition, some prohormones help with bulking and building mass. So if you’re looking for the best prohormone for mass during your bulk season, you need to know which works best.

Below, find a list of the prohormones for building bulk. You can see a list of our other top-selling prohormones for sale too. We pulled from our top 10 sellers, so you don’t have to.

Mutant Plexx

The newly engineered Mutant Plexx anabolic stack rapidly increases size and strength, amplifies workouts, and assists in developing lean muscle mass. In addition, using multiple pathways across workouts maximizes lean muscular hypertrophy in less time.

You can expect gains in the first workout with noticeable results in the first week (assuming you exercise more than once weekly). We recommend cycling Mutant Plexx for eight consecutive weeks for superior gains in lean muscle mass. 

Unlike other mass building prohormones, Mutant Plexx comes with 90 servings–not just 90 capsules. Cheaper alternatives with 90 pills often have a three capsule serving, which equals a mere 30 servings. So how can you bulk with such a mediocre dose?


As the only legal Nandrolone precursor sold online, Decabolin is an ideal prohormone for mass building goals. If you want an orally activated supplement, Decabolin provides better results than testosterone.

Its conversion to Nandrolone builds lean muscle mass, helping you reach your physical goals. It comes with fewer side effects than testosterone or other harsh prohormones. As an anabolic compound, Decabolin cannot directly aromatize into estrogen or convert to DHT, resulting in fewer side effects than with other supplements. 

This prohormone won’t cause overall weight gain or water retention. Instead, you’ll only gain lean muscle mass and increase your strength. With some of the most advanced liposomal delivery Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals technology has to offer, you experience nothing but gains. With longer release windows, heightened bioavailability and absorption put more bulk in every buck.


1-Testosterone, another Hi-Tech Pharma heavy hitter, is a great prohormone for mass gains. One of the most popular and effective prohormones ever launched in the supplement industry, this highly anabolic supplement has a unique formulation. It has even undergone academic study with average gains of 10lbs lean muscle. 

Its potent primary components are 1-Androsterone and Bergamottin. 1-Androsterone supports clean, pure, and lean muscle bulk. 1-Androsterone, a highly effective derivative of DHEA, is even more effective and anabolic than testosterone without estrogen conversion. Bergamottin naturally occurs in grapefruit, working with 1-Androsterone to amplify systemic delivery. 

With 1-Testosterone, you can experience increased fat loss, muscle mass,  and workout performance. You’ll also see more muscle hardness and strength. 

Metha Quad Extreme

Metha Quad Extreme by Blackstone Labs is another top performer and easily one of the strongest prohormones on the market. With this extreme stack, you can take your bulking goals from dream to reality.

This prohormone supplement increases size and strength with dry gains without worrying about bloating or water retention. Customers can’t stop talking about their new muscle density from Metha Quad Extreme’s pumped results. These insane gains, due to extreme vascularity, make this the best prohormone for mass (and it ranks #1 on our top 10 seller list).

Get a vascular-packed off-season bodybuilder’s physique from a singular Liposomal tablet and the quad-compound formula in this stack. Together, these compounds help you achieve massive gains unmatched by any other supplement on the market.

Put your bulking into hyperdrive by adding Metha Quad to your training and diet regimen.. Even if you’re deep into your off-season bulk, this extreme stack works to provide massive growth and strength gains. You won’t lose muscle or strength if you’re in contest and prep mode or are cutting body fat. You won’t experience any bloatedness or weakness either.

Monster Plexx

If you want the best prohormone for monstrous gains, Monster Plexx is the solution. Unlike Metha Quad Extreme, this prohormone is a quintuple stack. The potent blend of five anabolic compounds keeps hormone levels constantly peaking, removing stress about timing and doses. 

Monster Plexx contains Diosterol brand Dioscorea Nipponica Makino 50-67:1 Extract, which includes many anabolic compounds that comprise its signature quintuple formula. In addition, a recently improved version contains revolutionary Cyclosome® technology, the industry’s most advanced oral administration technology. This innovation helps the body absorb the prohormones and testosterone boosters in Monster Plexx, helping you reach massive gains in size and strength faster than ever before.

You’ll experience intense muscle growth, increased strength and energy, and even a boosted libido. With this added to your daily routine and solid training program, prepare to crush your physical goals. It’s easily one of the top-selling prohormones for sale on our site.

Tri-AD Mass Extreme 

Alchemy Labs Tri-Ad Mass Extreme is a number-one selling product for bulk. So if you want the best prohormone for mass bulking benefits, look no further. As the highest-dosed “bulking” prohormone from Alchemy Labs, this is the perfect match for guys wanting to build strength and mass.

With every hand-selected, specially-formulated ingredient, this formula enhances your off-season and bulking goals. When formulating Tri-AD Mass, Alchemy Labs designed a complete formula for building muscle mass, gaining strength, and shattering performance plateaus. It also allows for simple enhancement alongside a healthy diet and exercise routine without relying on dangerous supplements.

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