What are the Best Prohormones for Cutting?

Cutting fat is a common goal with any dedicated routine for building strength. However, finding the best prohormone for cutting is challenging, whether it’s your only physical goal or part of an extensive bulking and cutting cycle. Identifying the right prohormones for cutting should not be hard.

The prohormone supplement market is already saturated with cheap alternatives and great options. So check out this specially curated list of top-selling cutting prohormones, just for you.


From Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Superdrol comes with patented Cyclosome Delivery. This prohormone supplement’s most advanced delivery method works for serious bodybuilders or everyday gymgoers to build the physique you want. You’ll experience dramatic increases in size and strength, alongside heightened muscle hardness and density.


Blackstone Labs offers great prohormones for sale, especially for cutting. Chosen1, the best-selling 1-DHEA pro-andro supplement, is designed for avid gymgoers. If you want lean, dry gains and increased strength, the two-step enzymatic conversion process converts 1-DHEA into 1-testosterone. This liposomal technology delivers the most 1-DHEA possible. 

With a time-released formula, you gain a steady release of 1-testosterone, resulting in all-day performance benefits. This formula boosts testosterone levels within the body. In addition, Blackstone Labs’s delivery system protects Chosen1 from the body’s harsh digestive system. This enables maximum gain and your best physique. 


Another Hi-Tech Pharma product, Halodrol, is a patented, cutting-edge legal anabolic with innovative research and powerful results. Enhancing key bodily processes generates intense myotropic growth with naturally occurring DHEA derivatives. As a result, the body upregulates androgen receptor activation, protein synthesis, and net nitrogen retention. 

Halodrol’s potent muscle-building compounds maximize size, strength, and power output. Each tablet is infused with a dual-phase delivery system, allowing active components to bypass stomach and liver degradation. This systematic delivery results in excellent bioavailability and absorption and higher blood hormone levels.


1-AD, by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, is a bulking prohormone formula based on 1-Andro, or 1-Androstene 3b-ol, 17-one. As an anabolic agent, 1-AD is one of the preferred prohormones for sale from Black Diamond Supplements. For revolutionary weight gains, minimal water retention, and low estrogen conversion, 1-AD works.

Designed to elevate lean-muscle gains, improve speed and strength, and more stamina and endurance is just a workout away. The fewer side effects make this ideal, even during cutting season.


19-NorAndro AbNORmal, by Blackstone Labs, pushes the extreme for every muscle builder. We mean every muscle builder, as this potent 19-NorDHEA supplement is safe for men and women. Its superior bioavailability supports maximum muscle growth and increased testosterone production. Targeting strength, size, and recovery, this non-liver toxic formula is one of our top cutting prohormones for sale.


Do you know what the strongest anabolic cutting prohormone on the market is? Primobolan by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. This prohormone supplement aids with nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. These reactions result in faster anabolic activity, and therefore much faster muscle gain.

If you want to preserve those hard-earned gains, even during the heaviest training sessions, Primobolan helps. It supports increases in size, strength, and muscle mass. With retained muscle mass, you can continue to increase gains while cutting. This is an ideal cutting prohormone, especially when combined with other stacks for bodybuilding or other intense workouts.

Cutting Andro Kit

LG Sciences took the guesswork out of creating the perfect prohormone stack with the Cutting Andro Kit. Results include increased aggression, strength, and performance. Harder, defined muscles are achievable with the quad-compound formula too.

The kit runs a six-week cycle, including 1-Andro, 17-ProAndro, and EpiAndro. It also includes Form-XT for post-cycle therapy to finish your cycle, it is not liver toxic or carries the harsh side effects of designer anabolics. With the most effective ingredients, you are bound to achieve a leaner, stronger physique. 

  • EpiAndro 50: may increase aggression and muscle hardness
  • 1-Andro: a dry prohormone for intense hardening and strength assistance
  • 17-ProAndro: a non-androgen hardener with an alternative pathway to stanolone production 
  • Form-XT: a perfect PCT product for getting you back into ideal condition

Achieve these results faster than ever with Cyclosome technology. This boosts absorption and bioavailability, making the complete stack some of the perfect prohormones for cutting.


Equibolin, another cutting-edge bodybuilding supplement from Hi-Tech Pharma, is backed by science. This prohormone and anabolic compound deliver the most bioavailable form straight to the lymphatic system. Containing a proprietary combination of anabolic and non-androgenic anti-aromatase ingredients maximizes delivery through a Cyclosome Delivery System.

Equibolin’s no-nonsense, long-cycle (eight to ten weeks) prohormone approach simplifies your prohormone cutting regimen. With virtually no side effects, this supplement is one of the preferred prohormones for sale. The potential mild conversion to estrogen allows increased tissue growth and repair but reduces side effects like increased body fat, gynecomastia, or water retention.

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