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Deca-DuraBolin®: The Ultimate Prohormone from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Whether you are a competitive bodybuilder, an exercise enthusiast, or a weekend warrior, you want your workouts to produce results. If you’re putting in hours and effort into your fitness program but not seeing the results you expect, it’s time to boost your workout with prohormone supplements.

What are Prohormones?

Prohormones are not steroids and therefore are not hormones on their own. Unlike steroids, your body must go through a process to convert prohormones into hormones. Prohormones must pass through the liver to receive the enzyme needed to turn them into a steroidal compound.

Many athletes and weightlifters prefer prohormones to steroids because prohormones allow your body to regulate the amount converted into hormones. In addition, prohormones give your body an efficient and effective way to produce its own hormones. 

Focusing on Size and Strength Cycles

When you want to enhance your physique and emphasize muscle growth, consider adding an anabolic prohormone to your supplement routine.

A prohormone is a substance that the body converts into a hormone that can help maximize your workout routine. It is a type of supplement that helps promote strength, boosts muscle, and accelerates fat burning.

Unlike a steroid, prohormones are generally considered a much safer alternative. So, if you’ve ever considered using anabolic steroids but have been scared off by the horror stories of potential side effects, then it’s time to consider prohormones. 

In other words, prohormones are said to provide the same performance benefits as androgenic steroids without the severity of unwanted side effects.

Deca-DuraBolin Benefits

Deca-DuraBolin by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a high-quality prohormone that builds lean muscle mass to help you reach your fitness goals. Plus, as an anabolic compound, it has fewer side effects than a steroid.

Deca-DurBolin converts to Nandrolone (also known as Deca). Therefore, it is an excellent choice for building lean mass, adding bulk, and increasing muscle strength.

Included in this advanced formula are the prohormones 19-NorAndrost-4-ene-3b-ol and 17-one Decanoate. These ingredients help surge testosterone levels during your prohormone cycle (the set amount of time you plan to take the supplement) for optimum support.

These compounds also work to protect and preserve muscle tissue, especially when there is a drop in calories.

Overall, Deca-Durabolin AnaBolic Prohormone:

  • Helps optimize gains in size and strength 
  • Does not directly convert to Estrogen  
  • 200mg per tablet
  • Features patented Cyclosome Delivery
    • Cyclosome Technology allows your body to absorb all the compounds in Deca-Durabolin. With this innovative delivery system, the compounds can bypass the liver unharmed and intact. 
  • Ultimate “stacking” prohormone 

Stacking Advantages of Prohormone Deca-DuraBolin

Stacking refers to using two or more prohormones within a cycle. Stacking is often done to maximize the effectiveness of prohormones. It is a similar process to stacking anabolic steroids, only safer (and legal).

Specifically, Deca-DuraBolin works well with other bodybuilding supplements and stacks well with the following:

  • 1-Testosteronehardening and strengthening of the body
  • Equipoise – a highly anabolic prohormone, supports lean and dense muscle while increasing size
  • Winstrol – promotes increased hardness and vascularity during the stacking cycle

Post-Cycle Therapy

After completing your prohormone cycle, your own natural hormonal balance may be affected. After all, the levels of hormones rise during a prohormone cycle. 

Therefore, it is essential to help regulate your testosterone and other hormone levels to avoid a loss of lean muscle or energy after a cycle. 

Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) supplementation is beneficial in helping your body bounce back after using Deca-DuraBolin or any prohormone performance-enhancing product. This process helps restore normal hormonal production.

Here’s what you will want to know:

  • Start your post-cycle therapy the day after you’ve finished the prohormone cycle.
  • The objective of PCT is to encourage muscle mass and minimize adverse reactions.
  • ArimiPlex, as a PCT supplement, can elevate your testosterone levels and help restore liver enzymes.
  • After using Deca-DuraBolin, post-cycle therapy can usually be completed in two to four weeks.

Deca-DuraBolin Side Effects

As with all prohormone supplements, it is critical to follow the dosing instructions. Although prohormones have fewer side effects than steroids, some people experience hormonal disorders, liver stress, headaches, fluid retention, digestive issues, and hypertension.

Always follow the recommended doses when using prohormones. This will ensure you get the best results with minimal side effects. Remember, more is not always better.

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