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Centurion Labz has been growing steadily since its 2014 launch, always unveiling new fresh looks and formulas. Today, you’ll find that they’ve revamped a few older products, added new formulas, and fine-tuned their offerings. With the nutritional supplement industry changing rapidly, they’re not the new kids on the block anymore. Black Diamond Supplements is your source for the latest Centurion Labz formulas at the best prices.

Hard gainers are a particular focus for Centurion Labz, with their Mass Pro Mass Gaining formula helping anyone achieve the type of muscle mass and strength that’s eluded them before. Centurion offers these athletes the type of support that will get them to their fitness goals. Using proven ingredients such as DHEA to enhance testosterone production, Epiandrosterone, an anabolic compound that converts to DHT, and Epicatechin, an extract from cocoa that boosts nitric oxide levels in the body, users are primed for success.

Expect more lean mass, strength gains, increased sex drive and muscle density, enhanced fat burning, and other benefits with the Centurion Labz product line of performance supplements. Each formula is ready to provide synergistic effects when used with other Centurion products. Once you’ve gotten on board with their hardcore support and potent ingredients, you’ll be ready to kick out those reps like never before. Whether you’re looking for a new formula or want to see what the buzz is about, you’ll want to check out the line-up below. Black Diamond Supplements are always available to answer your questions about the right choice for your workout regimen.

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