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Who to follow on Social Media

Wether we like it or not, the internet is integrating itself into everything. This includes weightlifting and the fitness/health industry. You more than likely have a couple people in mind that you may follow on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Snapchat that you either enjoy watching or learning from. Social media is becoming such a huge tool for the industry, many professionals are using it to build followings and share knowledge.

There are probably too many to count, but there are some people on social media that are definitely worth the follow.

Strength and Conditioning

Brad Schoenfeld (@bradshcoenfeldphd)

Brad is a Phd, certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), researcher, and natural bodybuilder. He is known for dedicating his career to body composition and muscular hypertrophy. Most of the time Brad will post about conferences he’s attending involving fitness, along with sharing his most recently published articles. There is a lot to learn from him when it comes to learning the scientific way to building muscle.

Bret Contreras (@bretcontreras)

You may know him as the glute guy, but Bret is a PhD, CSCS and researcher. If you don’t know why he is the glute guy, one quick look at any of his social media platforms and you will see any and every glute exercise known to man. He was probably the biggest emphasizer on training glutes for men too. Whether he is posting his clients progress, his impressive barbell hip thrusts, or newly published articles, he is always a wealth of knowledge.

Layne Norton (@Biolayne)

Bodybuilder turned powerlifter, Layne has held world records and championship titles for his powerlifting. On social media recently, he’s been advertising his new bodybuilding contest prep guide, which is a great read even if you are not in contest prep and want to make a program and diet to make some lean gains. Twitter is probably where he is most active and if you ever have any questions he will more than likely respond. He is very vocal when it comes to people exploiting their titles to spread false knowledge and you will likely see him call those people out any time you open his pages.

Dana Santas (@mobilitymaker)

As a strength and conditioning specialist, Dana has a large emphasis on yoga and her social media reflects that. Instagram has her showing different techniques and benefits that both yoga and correct breathing have on athletes. When it comes to twitter she will often share recently published research articles, motivational anecdotes and quotes, along with sharing programs and future conferences that she is a part of.

Christye Estes (@CoachChristye)

Christye is a another CSCS, and sports performance specialist that works with Volt athletics. While she doesn’t have a huge social media presence, she does tend to post great tips for exercises and will often point you to her own blog that elaborates in depth on why things work and don’t, in terms of sports performance. While a lot of her content is based on sports, almost all of it can be translated to resistance training.


Alan Flanagan (@thenutritional_advocate)

Alan is a MSc in nutritional medicine, but unlike most people who use a title to spread false knowledge, you will never see anything from him that doesn’t have substantial research. While he can’t be found on twitter, his Instagram is full of powerlifting videos and articles on nutrition that are broken down and summarized in easy to understand terms. Even if you are someone who isn’t a powerlifter/bodybuilder, you can still learn plenty from the content he shares.

Holly Baxter (@hollytbaxter)

With a master’s degree in dietetics and a BS in food science and nutrition, Holly is definitely someone who knows what they are talking about. She is Layne Norton’s partner and she is a big part of the nutrition side of his new book on contest prep. Holly’s main presence is on Instagram and Youtube where she will post workout videos along with macro-friendly food recipes.


MoveU (@MoveU_official)

While MoveU isn’t a single person, they are a company that really emphasizes on getting people up and moving pain free and lifting with correct form. Instagram is loaded with videos on cues that you can use in everyday activities that will help you live life pain free, and even though videos are simple, they are well made and will often give you a good laugh.

Wrap Up

The internet is a huge pool of knowledge and to keep up with the times, social media can be a huge help. When it comes to following specific people, always pay attention to their credentials, and how often they’re doing research. The best people to follow are those who are still constantly learning and doing what they can to spread information. Although it is uncommon, be sure to watch out for people who will use their titles to take advantage of their followers.

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