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What Are Prohormones?

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You need prohormones if you’re looking for a great resource to boost strength, build muscles, and enhance athletic performance. These supplements are ideal solutions for disciplined athletes over the age of 21. Regardless of your performance goals or fitness style, these supplements put you on the cutting edge.

Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation exists about prohormones. So what are prohormones? Before we answer this question, let’s discuss some substances and supplements often confused with the benefits and purposes of prohormones. For example, testosterone boosters and anabolic steroids often confuse athletes new to the supplement game.

Fortunately, we’re here to help figure it out, as we know it can be challenging to figure out the best options for your fitness goals with so much misinformation.


Anabolics are synthesized testosterone, designed to bind to androgen receptors and produce various desired effects. Steroids are a go-to choice for many bodybuilders and athletes. They provide faster results than comparable supplements. This faster gain comes with some good consequences, including:

  • Increased ability to build muscle
  • Increased fertility
  • Increased aggression

When aiming for fast results, you may also expect some more severe and undesired effects. Some of these consequences are not only cosmetic; they may even be risky to overall health. Look out for these potential health risks:

  • Less natural production of testosterone
  • Potential increase in estrogen production
  • Acne, hair loss, mood swings, impotence
  • Secondary sex characteristics

Anabolic steroids are strictly regulated, thanks to past legislature’s attempt to keep consumers safe. However, even with legal versions, mitigating these risks is more than its worth without the knowledge and discipline to set a disciplined routine.

These regulations protect inexperienced athletes and those underage persons who might suffer permanent physical consequences by disrupting still-developing endocrine systems.

Testosterone Boosters

These supplements increase natural testosterone production in the body. Some testosterone boosters are herbal or high doses of vitamins like zinc and magnesium. Unlike anabolic steroids, boosters come with much fewer side effects. Overall, they are less potent but helpful when combined with dietary and lifestyle changes.

For those focusing on testosterone muscle-building, testosterone boosters are a great solution. Boosters meet these needs whether the goal is to grow in strength or maintain well-earned gains. However, consider boosting testosterone instead if you want a fitness plateau breakthrough, better sleep, and other benefits with your muscle gain and maintenance.

Testosterone therapy often uses boosters like these too. If suspicious of a low-T count, get a confirmation from a qualified physician before self-dosing. Likewise, lower testosterone levels can work with prohormones (with the proper dosage and supplement routine).


Unlike anabolic steroids and their chemical derivatives, prohormones do not convert to estrogen. Instead, these supplements enhance muscle size and strength using formulated ingredients. So if you bulk and cut, prohormones are ideal for the shredded, defined, hard muscle look. On the upside, your discipline is not undercut by the unwanted side effects of synthetic hormones.

The body produces certain hormones naturally, such as pro-insulin and pro-opiomelanocortin. Unlike anabolic steroids, prohormones enhance the availability of existing hormones, especially testosterone. They produce many desirable effects, including:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Quicker physical recovery
  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Elevated strength and endurance
  • Improved fat loss over time

These chemical compounds work to help your body create steroidal reactions naturally. This is the preliminary part of the natural production of testosterone within the body. These supplements may not grant the immediate results of synthetic alternatives, but fewer health risks are a big plus.

Hard work and discipline are required, regardless of the muscle-building supplements used. However, for those under 21, it is recommended to avoid using prohormones, as there is a significant risk to a still-developing endocrine system. In addition, as bodies develop, interfering with natural hormone development produces long-term consequences.

What is the Best Prohormone?

Knowing what prohormones are, it’s time to distinguish the best prohormone for individual goals and needs. At Black Diamond Supplements, we believe in finding the best solution possible. Therefore, testing a variety of supplements often provides the best results.

Our easy-to-browse selection online showcases an extensive range of muscle-building supplements. Our top ten best-selling prohormones are a great place to start.

For questions about which supplements you should order, or contact us for more information about one. For example, we can help you choose the best prohormone for your fitness goals. Our gains happen when you achieve your gains.

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