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We here at Black Diamond Supplements pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers with the best, strongest supplements on the market. In saying so, we want to introduce you to one of the latest brands Sparta Nutrition. Sparta Nutrition prides themselves on offering the strongest prohormones in the industry. By now many have heard of Cyclostome Technology (we will discuss later for those who haven’t), which is utilized in their products. Not only do they provide you with the best options in prohormones, but they have a killer, top rated pre-workout, natural muscle builders and support supplements.

Lets start out with Sparta Nutrition’s V2 Series, these prohormone stacks are ideal for those looking for the best results. They are designed to let you achieve the exact results you are looking for. There are four different products in the series; Cerberus V2, Spartan Hard, Spartan Lean and Spartan Mass. But, how do you know what one is right for you? Just ask yourself, what results am I looking for? If your answer is, “I just want the most aggression, hard, lean size and strength possible,” then you should consider buying Cerberus V2. Cerberus V2 is a triple stack including 1-Andro, 4-Andro and Epi-Andro. What if I am just looking for increased aggression and lean size? Spartan Hardis your answer. This dual stack has 1-Andro and Epi-Andro, which will provide dry, lean gains. Want to really shred? Look to Spartan Lean for its significant effects on cutting. This combination of Epi-Andro, 7-Keto DHEA and T2 have the unparalleled ability to lean you out like you never thought possible. Finally, Spartan Mass, is the answer for those of you just wanting to pack on the muscle mass. Compiling an efficacious dose of 1-Andro and 4-Andro, you can expect serious size, strength and mass increases.

Sparta Nutrition knows the importance of proper cycling, therefore also makes Spartan Shield and Trojan PCT. Why is it important that I also buy these two products? Starting off with Spartan Shield, as it helps to support optimal liver function, control blood pressure, optimize hormones, control prolactin and reduce cortisol. Then, Trojan PCT plays a vital role in maintaining, and even maximizing your gains. A post cycle therapy, is there to boost testosterone, inhibit aromatase, plus Trojan PCT has anti-catabolic effects, supports prolactin and liver. Be smart and be sure to utilize cycle support and a PCT when cycling prohormones.

Now lets take a look at Kraken, a stimulant loaded, hardcore pre-workout. Not to mention the insane pumps you can achieve with it. Some have said this pre-workout leaves them speechless. Kraken pre-workout has clinical doses of L-Citrulline, Carnosyn (Beta Alanine) and HydroMax (Glycerol). These are just to name a few, but the list goes on. Take a more in-depth look at Kraken ingredients. Then, when you realize you want to be serious about getting the most from each and every workout, add Kraken to your training arsenal.

Last, but definitely not least, as those of you who don’t want to use prohormones have a perfect option in Epicurus. This product is ideal for those who are not yet 21, but still want an edge in their training. Benefits you will see when using Epicurus are increased strength and power output, better endurance, stamina and recovery, enhanced vascularity, and fat oxidation. This 100% natural supplement aids as a myostatin inhibitor and for better muscle growth. Epicurus is also an ideal supplement to stack with any V2 Series product for its added benefits.

A lot of customers ask can I/should I stack the V2 Series products. The easiest answer is you do not need to, as these products are all strong by themselves. However, some advanced users can benefit from stacking. The V2 Series products may contain some of the same compounds as others, so if deciding to stack them be sure to calculate how much of a specific compound you will be getting with the combined products. Take note that more isn’t always better and you may just be wasting your money thinking you will get more results, when in actuality you would get the exact same results using one product as you would two. Don’t end up wasting your money. The only stack we recommend between the V2 Series is Spartan Mass V2 and Spartan Lean V2. Now, if you want to stack any of the V2 Series, like Cerberus V2, with a non-hormonal natural anabolic like Epicurus, as we mentioned above that is completely fine. Remember taking Spartan Shield and Trojan PCT provide great benefits and are necessary for maximum results without side effects.

Back to Cyclostome Technology that we mentioned earlier. This is a superior delivery method for poorly absorbed compounds such as prohormones. This technology enables your body to utilized up to 99% of the effective compound, far more than products without it. Cyclostome Technology is essentially a stealth delivery method that enables the active compounds to bypass the destruction caused in normal digestion and enter the blood stream. this is where the compound becomes effective and is transported to the proper places.

Remember, supplements are here to simply supplement your daily routine. To optimize your gains and see the most benefits from Sparta Nutrition products it is very important to have a solid workout routine and the right diet. Depending solely on supplements to make you the best leaves many very disappointed.

Need advice on supplements, which ones you should take, when and how? Do not hesitate to reach out to us, as we are extremely willing to support you in your journey to a better you. Just contact us at or 1-877-778-4761.

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