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Ephedra as a Fat Burner

Ephedra as a Fat Burner

After the holidays, you may be in the market to shed a few (or more!) pounds, looking at all the different supplements out there. 

Many people find it overwhelming trying to decide which product is right to meet their needs, but today, we’re here to try and help make that just a little bit easier for you.

While there are a variety of different fat burning ingredients that can go into a fat burner, ephedra fat burners do tend to fare the best for maximum results. 

Why? Let’s cover that and more right now. 

What is Ephedra? 

Ephedra is a herb that can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. In herbal form, it’s often used to treat things like nasal congestion, respiratory tract infections, as well as asthma and bronchitis.  It may also be found in your common allergy medicine as well. 

Note: The form found in over-the-counter allergy medicine is ephedrine alkaloids. As of 2004 this form was banned from dietary supplements. It was replaced with ephedra extract, which is what you find in any legal fat burner you purchase. This ingredient is what is responsible for the weight loss benefits you may see.

Ephedra has had a long debate about whether to be legal or not to use, however when used wisely in proper dosages, many of the unwanted side effects are resolved so most individuals should be fine to use it. We recommend you start with a product that has a lower dose around 25 mg vs 50+ mg.

Do keep in mind however that before starting a new supplement of any kind, it’s always a good idea to speak with your health care professional, especially if you currently have health conditions you are managing.

What Are The Benefits of Ephedra Fat Burners? 

So what are the benefits of ephedra fat burners? Are they right for you? 

Adding ephedra to a fat burner is going to offer a number of potential benefits. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Improved resting metabolic rate1. 

Your resting metabolic rate dictates how much energy you burn each and every day. The faster your metabolism is humming along, the faster you burn fat. Period. Ephedra helps you achieve this.

This is a great product for helping to offset the normal metabolic down regulation that typically occurs with dieting. 

  • Greater energy levels. 

One of the biggest pitfalls of dieting is the low energy levels that come with it. On reduced calorie intakes, your body doesn’t have the fuel available like normal so it’s understandable your energy level would drop. This may mean to you performing less NEAT (spontaneous activities), which then leads to a decline in your total daily calorie burn. When you use ephedra fat burners, you regain some of that lost energy, not only feeling better while you diet, but also burning more calories through activities as well. 

This also yields faster fat loss results. 

  • Reduced appetite 

Hunger is one factor that will really crush your diet in a hurry and sadly, something that causes many people to give up entirely. Imagine how much easier dieting would be if you could just do away with hunger entirely?

That’s what ephedra fat burners can help you do. This compound has a very strong appetite suppressing effect, so you’ll often find you have to remind yourself to eat2.

This makes sticking with your diet plan a lot easier in the long run, ensuring that you see great results. Do keep in mind that it is still important that you do eat sufficient calories while dieting, so if this means you have to remind yourself to eat, so be it. If you fail to take in enough calories, this could mean that your metabolic rate slows down and you hit a progress plateau. Low calorie is good, but ultra low calorie is typically not. 

  • Improved focus and concentration 

Another area you’ll notice ephedra benefiting you is with your mental state. Often those who are dieting note that they no longer feel focused during the day and it’s almost like they are instead fixated on food. 

Ephedra fat burners help restore this, so you can get back to leading your life as normal. They’ll also help boost your motivation and concentration in the gym, so you push harder and achieve more. 

  • Increased circulation 

Finally, ephedra fat burners can also increase circulation. This is because they do act as a stimulant in the body and will increase heart rates. When heart rates are increased, this means more blood flow and better circulation.

This can help you as someone who is looking to lose weight and stick to your workout program because better circulation means more nutrients and oxygen get to the muscle tissues and this yields superior overall recovery. 

You’ll be able to train more frequently when using ephedra because of this. 

So as you can see, there are many benefits to using an ephedra fat burner to help you reach your goals. 

Are There Any Drawbacks? 

Like most things in life, there are drawbacks. The biggest drawback to ephedra based fat burners is two-fold.

First, it does increase heart rates. Some people may worry about this side effect and if you have pre-existing heart concerns, it’s probably best to stay away from this product. You don’t want to put any unnecessary stress on your heart in this stage of your life.

Second, this product is a stimulant so may interfere with sleep. If you take it too long in the evening, you could find that it makes it harder for you to drift off to sleep, therefore that could then impact your health and well-being.

Fortunately, that’s an easy fix: just use it early on in the day. If you need that afternoon boost that is fine, but it is recommended to not use any stimulants 4-6 hours prior to sleep to avoid sleeplessness.

How To Use Ephedra Fat Burners 

In order to see best results from ephedra fat burners, you’ll want to take them regularly, preferably in the earlier part of the day and combine them with a good diet and workout program.

Note these are not meant to replace a proper diet and workout but to compliment it and make the process a lot easier on you.

In time, the body will adapt to using the ephedra fat burner, so it’s a good idea to cycle it, using it for 6-8 weeks, taking a few weeks off and then starting up again. This will help ensure that it’s always exerting maximum results on your body.

Finally, make sure that you use a quality product. Ideally you want an ephedra blend, which combines ephedra with other powerful ingredients that also help fight fat and give you the results that you’re looking for, such as Lipodrene for instance.

Lipodrene also provides Hoodia Extract, which is well known for completing abolishing hunger entirely coupled with Yohimbine HCl, which helps target the stubborn fatty acids in the body by increasing blood flow and maximizing fatty acid release. 

If you use this product on a regular basis consistently and eat right, you will see results. 

So do consider ephedra fat burners. They are the best fat burners on the market if you want to get effective results that last. 


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