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Best Supplements For Female Fat Loss

Whether you’re new to the fitness industry, unfamiliar with supplements, or just looking for individualized advice catered to your weight loss goals, you’ve come to the right place. Bodybuilding can be intimidating, especially when there are so many products on the market and you have no idea which types are best suited for you. This blog post is intended to assist you in your fitness journey, give you some direction, and refer you to the right products for your body type, lifestyle and health needs. We will go over recommendations to slim and tone, lose baby weight and burn fat as a mature-aged woman.

Slim and Tone

When you’re a young adult or in the prime of your career, chances are hitting the gym every day can be a challenge. Especially when you come home from a long day of work/school and every ounce of you just wants to collapse on the couch, turn on the TV and scroll through Instagram. This is where a fat burning supplement can give you an added boost. Women’s bodies are very different to men’s, meaning, we store and burn fat differently. You wouldn’t take a male multivitamin, so why consume a male fat burner or pre-workout supplement? Meltdown Princess by VPX is designed specifically for the female body. It will increase your ability to burn fat, boost your energy and focus, reduce your appetite and speed up your metabolism.

Meltdown Princess

If you’re looking to lose excess fat and have your sights set on nicely toned abs, arms, legs, etc., you’ll need to start with clean eating. Even if weight loss isn’t your number one concern, you’ll still need a clean diet to put on muscle tone. You’re also going to want to make sure you’re getting enough calories in, as extreme dieting can slow down your metabolism and have an opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve. A fast metabolism means less fat storing; so incorporate tips for speeding it up into your lifestyle. Always remember breakfast, eating earlier in the day can help a lot. Studies have also shown caffeine, a diet high in fiber, vitamin D, and iron also help to speed up your metabolism.

Protein is going to be a necessity for putting on muscle. Read this article to learn about the different types of protein we offer. Resistance training is going to be your best option. If heavy lifting isn’t your scene, there are plenty of ways to incorporate resistance into your cardio workouts. Or just add smaller weights to your routine (lunges, burpees, jumping squats, deadlifts, crunches, etc). If resistance training is something you’ll be looking to add into your routine, we recommend APS Nutrition IsoMorph or Dymatize ISO 100 for a quality protein.

Dymatize ISO 100 

Dymatize ISO 100

APS Nutrition IsoMorph

APS IsoMorph Whey Isolate Protein

Mature-aged Fat Burning

As women age we often become more self-aware and comfortable in our own skin. But you shouldn’t exclude your physical self from your self-awareness. As your mental fitness improves, you should also become more body wise. Your body doesn’t come equipped with an instruction manual. It’s up to you to study and read up on what’s going to be best for you throughout your life.

To improve your overall health, focus on fat loss, not weight loss. As you age, you can’t afford to lose muscle, bone mass or organ tissue. Aim for a goal waist size rather than a goal weight. And invest in a device to calculate body fat like calipers as an alternative to the scale.

Although cardio may seem like the obvious approach to burning fat, your muscle mass will decline with age and so it is imperative that you incorporate strength training into your fitness regime and protein into your diet. Of course, consult a doctor before making any significant changes to your health.

Your body may be a lot more stiff and prone to pain than it used to be. It’s important to keep your muscles well oiled in the sense that you’re regularly engaging them. Stretching with movement on a daily basis is crucial, even if you don’t plan on taking part in any rigorous exercise after that.

Although your metabolism slows with age leaving you more likely to store fat, research has shown your age alone, doesn’t have an effect on your ability to lose weight. Meaning, there will be no shortness of results from the work you put in solely due to your age. And choosing the right supplements can enhance those results.

A good multivitamin will increase your body’s performance and optimize results. Iron, B12, Potassium and Calcium are especially important to help you reach your weight loss goals later in life. Look for products with ingredients known to help speed up metabolism. A fat burner containing caffeine will speed up your metabolism, while giving you more energy and focus. Be cautious though, these sorts of products do increase weight loss and performance and have been known to be addicting in some cases (use responsibly). We recommend EXO-13 by Prime Nutrition.

EXO- 13 Fat Burner by Prime Nutrition

Lose Baby Weight 

Another stage in the lifecycle of a woman’s body is pregnancy. You give birth and begin adjusting to your new life and implementing a strategy to shed baby weight in a six month timeline. We have to first note that your dietary intake and exercise regime are obviously going to be the key contributors in your weight loss. Focus on foods that are high in protein (eggs, fish, turkey, chicken, etc), carbs that are rich in fiber like vegetables (the more colorful the better) and stick to healthy fats like avocado, nuts, olive oil, etc.

We’d also recommend a fish or krill oil supplement. The oil helps to stabilize insulin and store sugars as energy. A liquid gel capsule is going to be easier for your body to absorb. NutraKey Fish Oil is currently a very popular choice

NutraKey Fish Oil

Although, we wouldn’t recommend a caffeinated fat burner post pregnancy, there are other non-stimulant based supplements that will aid your ability to shed that excess baby weight. A multi-vitamin will ensure your body’s maintaining necessary vitamins and nutrients and assist in your post-pregnancy recovery time as well as the effectiveness of your workout. For this, we think Fastin Multi-Vite is the perfect choice

Fastin Multi-Vite For Her


  1. I really would like to try the princess meltdown. I have my mind set on this product. I was disappointed whe it went out of stock. I hope there is at least one left. Thank you so much. It takes me FOREVER Iam not midden when I say, a long time to choose products. I thought I better say. I want so many things. Lol.

    1. Hi MaryJane Hoad, the Meltdown Princess should be returning soon according to the manufacture, VPX.

  2. Thank you so much for all these beautiful products. I can never makeup my mind. Shopping takes me I can’t wait for new products. I’m looking for a great vitamin release. Like one you can take and fat is But,,,, we are yet to invent that. Is EPHREDA BANNED. I
    Keep hearing that it is.

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