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These products are great deals, with various reasons for going into our clearance section. Packaging may have changed, there may be a new formulation, a discontinued flavor, or they may be ending the end of their shelf life. No matter what, this is a great way to round out your supplement stack, try a new supplement at a lower price, or stock up on a favorite before it’s no longer available. 


Our selection may include products from any of our categories. We can’t tell you what will show up here, but we can tell you that these are the same top quality items that Black Diamond Supplements always carries. You may see top fat burners and weight loss helpers, a variety of testosterone boosters, fantastic protein supplements, popular BCAAs and EAAs, cycle support products, multivitamins, health and beauty aids, or prohormones for sale in our supplement clearance section. Our customers find it to be a fun way to round out their total supplement regimen and sample a product they’ve been curious about at a much-reduced price. We’re pleased to pass some savings along to you, whether it’s because we purchased too much of a particular product, or the manufacturer changed the packaging.


We know that committing to a strict workout schedule is challenging. Add to that the effort of balancing your diet, supplement choices, and lifestyle structure, and you deserve to find a bargain once in a while. Check back often to see what’s new in supplements on sale!

While Supplies Last – Products may be close or past expiration. NO RETURNS!

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  • HydroxyElite Extreme Diet Aid



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  • EPH 100 Fat Burner

    EPH 100


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  • Dianabol by Hi-Tech Pharma



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  • Deca-Durabolin Hi-Tech Prohormone



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  • Protropin - Growth Hormone



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  • Sale! 3-AD Prohormone by Enhanced



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