Specializing in innovative products with some of the strongest formulations on the market, Musclegen has carved out a niche in key areas of health and fitness support. One example: holding a worldwide exclusive with EnteraHealth for their groundbreaking and clinically proven ImmunoLin formulation, they offer the power of IGF-1 in their groundbreaking supplements.

Serious athletes and bodybuilders turn to Musclegen supps for the best in highly bioavailable ingredients, digestible proteins, and support for maximized workouts. Their complete lineup of products covers a full range of needs. From immune support and a comprehensive group of vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements, to pre-workout fuel for intense gym sessions and the help you need to boost testosterone, burn fat, and gain all the dry bulk you desire – Musclegen has you covered. With this brand in your arsenal, you can support your addiction to the pump, achieving that feeling that feels totally in the perfect zone! Lifters can experience insane muscle pumps and energy throughout an entire workout, with the fuel to conquer the weight room.

Black Diamond Supplements carries the most popular Musclegen products, available to you with incredible customer support and the best prices available. Discover why many athletes consider the Musclegen lineup to be their sole source of high-quality workout support. They’ve achieved a loyal following with finely tuned formulas, smooth drink blends, and next-generation protein products that provide great fuel with fewer calories. Check out our selection of outstanding Musclegen supplements below to experience the best workout of your life.

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  • IGF Mach 1 - IGF-1 Growth Accelerator

    IGF Mach 1


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  • Andro-1Dione by Musclegen



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  • Andro-4Dione by Musclegen



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  • LiquiAndro by Musclegen



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  • Black Mamba HyperRush Fat Burner

    Black Mamba HyperRush


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  • Lipodrene & Stimerex-ES

    Lipodrene + Stimerex-ES


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  • Dianabol by Hi-Tech Pharma



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  • Deca-Durabolin Hi-Tech Prohormone



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  • Protropin - Growth Hormone



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  • Sale!



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