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Highlighting the Anavar Prohormone by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Are you prepared to experience something strenuous and challenging? Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals knows how to get people enthusiastic about one of the best prohormones available today, which helps grow muscle, lower SHBG levels, and even raise testosterone levels. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is proud to present Anavar, the must-have supplement for bodybuilding.

What Are the Ingredients in the Anavar Prohormone?

The powerful formula of Anavar starts with 4-Andro (4-DHEA), which raises testosterone without causing any side effects, so it is a safe and useful part of Anavar’s formula. Anavar also has 1-Andro (1-DHEA), which helps improve your androgen to estrogen ratio and keep it in balance. Epiandrosterone (Epiandro) is a big part of Anavar’s formula, it helps improve strength gains and muscle density.

When all of these compounds and more work together, you get several benefits for your strength, muscle growth, and fat loss. This is the reason so many people choose Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anavar as their go-to anabolic agent and why you won’t regret trying it either!

High-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anavar Benefits

  • Increases Nitrogen retention
  • Helps circulate a greater level of Testosterone
  • Contains advanced Anabolic compound formula
  • Helps increase protein synthesis
  • Enhances intense muscular contractions
  • Formulated with exclusive controlled release technology
  • Provides maximum pumps with L-Arginine & Arginase inhibitors
  • Helps control Cortisol & other catabolic hormones

How Does Anavar by Hi-Tech Work?

This bodybuilding supplement works because it has ingredients that work with your body to give you results. These ingredients make an anabolic environment in your body, which helps your body build bigger muscles and heal faster.

4-Andro is the first main ingredient. This is also called 4 Androstene-3b-ol,17-1, or just 4-Andro. It is known that 4-Andro raises testosterone levels and makes people stronger.

1-Andro, known as 3b-hydroxy-5a-androst-1-en-17-one, is another ingredient. 1-Andro is the most simple name. This hormone helps turn off the hormone estrogen and convert DHT, so you can control how much estrogen is in your body, and it doesn’t fight with testosterone. This makes it a dry prohormone that can be used during a cutting cycle.

Epiandrosterone is the next ingredient. It is also called 3b-hydroxy-etiallocholan-17-one, or just Epiandro. This compound does not convert to estrogen either, so you have two things going for you. Epiandro is found naturally in pine pollen, and it helps people get stronger.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anavar Prohormone makes the body hold on to more nitrogen, which makes it easier for muscles to grow and makes more testosterone circulate through the body. These higher levels of free testosterone make muscles grow more. Additionally, this process  stops glucocorticoid hormones from working, which means that catabolic hormones like cortisol are kept in check. By controlling these hormones, fat gain can be stopped, and lean muscle can grow without being slowed down.

What Results Will You See? 

  • Better recovery
  • Muscular pumps
  • Muscle and strength are gained from more protein synthesis
  • Raises the level of Testosterone
  • Increases Nitric Oxide levels

High-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anavar Side Effects

Prohormone use is not recommended for persons under the age of 21 or females. Keep away from children. Do not use it if Prohormone or anti-Estrogen supplements are against the rules of your sport or organization. 

Before using this product, talk to a doctor or licensed healthcare professional if you or someone in your family has a history of prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, heart disease, low HDL cholesterol, or if you are taking any other dietary supplement, prescription drug, or over-the-counter drug. Do not take more than what is suggested. If you take more than the recommended amount of this prohormone it could hurt your health in serious ways. 

Some of the possible side effects are acne, anger, and irritability. Stop using it and call a doctor right away if you get a fast heartbeat, feel dizzy, have blurry vision, or have other similar symptoms.

Where Can You Buy the Anavar Prohormone by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals?

Do you find it hard to lose fat, gain a lot of lean muscle, or have low levels of testosterone? Then, Anavar Prohormone by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals may be the right supplement for you. 

Prohormones are precursors that stimulate the body to produce more testosterone and other hormones naturally. Possible advantages include enhanced athletic performance, higher sex drive, and more robust bones and muscles. Get in touch with Black Diamond Supplements for all of your hardcore muscle building needs. Black Diamond Supplements is a wholesaler of supplement products from some of the largest brands in the world. Shop our prohormone stacks today.

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