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Bio Hacks to Start Your New Year Healthy

Getting your health in balance to help you live your best life is a new years resolution we can all relate to. We often associate supplements with super ripped bodybuilders and people who have a lifestyle centered around fitness. But the truth is, supplements, by the broader definition, are something that can combat health issues across the board, not just weight loss and muscle gain.

The term ‘biohacking’ out of Silicon Valley is expected to become a more popular and widely adapted term in 2018. Biohacking is the practice of experimenting with changes in your lifestyle and diet to “hack” your body’s biological composition in order to feel your best self.

As doctor Josh Axe puts it:

“You know the saying, “You are what you eat”? That actually applies to humans in a broader sense: everything we put into our bodies — our foods, our thoughts, our physical movement ­— all affect how we behave. By biohacking yourself, you can actually transform your body so that you feel more energized, be more productive and, overall, feel like the best possible version of yourself.”

So, how do we do this? Read on to learn more about our recommended biohacks and how to implement in the new year in order to feel and look your best.

Test for food intolerances.

You can do this with a specialist or on your own by taking your pulse and recording what you eat and how it fluctuates. Read here more about how to do this.  There is also this app (the Bulletproof stress detective app).

Dr Tom O’Bryan also links stomach issues to brain functionality. “If you have a food sensitivity but eat that food anyway, you get inflammation. Inflammation makes our brains dumber.”

Identify your health concerns and experiment with solutions.

Once you test and eliminate food intolerances from your diet you’ll want to go one further and enhance your body’s performance with supplements and topical treatments.

Say my concerns are ADD-like inability to focus, energy crashes, blemished skin and I struggle to gain muscle mass. Once I’ve cleaned up my diet, I’ll want to experiment with ways to increase my body’s overall functionality to target my health concerns.

Try out different dietary additives one-by-one. Keep a record of how you feel prior to taking it and how you feel each day of taking it, your dosage, time of day you took it, etc. And if you don’t see an effect experiment with upping your dosage.

Do your research to find which ingredients have studies proving they work against your health issue. To help you with this we’ve provided a short glossary of conditions and the ingredients that have been known to improve them.


Tea tree oil
Benzoyl peroxide
Salicylic acid
Vitamin A supplement
Zinc supplement
Beta Carotene


L-Theanine and Caffeine
Fish oil
Vetiver oil


Omega 3s
Coffee scrubs
Corallina Officinalis Extract
Forskohlii Root Oil
Sodium Hyaluronate

Weight Loss

Green tea
CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
Citrus Aurantium/Synephrine
7 Keto
Raspberry Ketones

Hair Thinning

Castor oil
Aloe Vera
Rosemary oil
Cod liver oil supplement
B-Complex supplement
Fish oil supplement


Eleuthero, Ashwagandha and Rhodiola herbs
B-Complex vitamins

Anti-Aging/Wrinkle Prevention

Coenzyme Q-10
Vitamin C
Hyaluronic acid
Acai oil
Green tea extract

Muscle Tightness, Cramping, Strains, Joint Support

Vitamin D3

Insomnia/Sleeping Problems

Magnesium Glycinate

We also recommend educating yourself on nutrition in general and all the ins and outs of vitamins in the book Earl Mindell’s New Vitamin Bible. We wish you a happy and healthy 2018!

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