Hardcore Hardening Stack


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Hardcore Hardening Stack by Hi-Tech Pharma

Get the most defined muscles possible with this trio of Prohormones and SARMs. With proper use you can achieve harder, stronger muscle mass. You will notice enhanced muscle definition, more striated muscles and increased vascularity.

1-AD – Revolutionary muscle gains. Minimal water retention. Low estrogen conversion.

Decabolin – The ultimate stacking prohormone. Perfect non-aromatizing compound. Optimal amount of size and strength.

Osta-Plex – The most powerful SARM ever developed. Ability to aid in recomping your physique.

Directions: Take all three products together as directed on each bottle. After 30 days it is very important that you use a PCT to help restore your body’s natural hormone function. We suggest a product like Estrogenex 2nd Generation or Estrogenex Depot.