Hardcore Cutting Stack

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Hardcore Cutting Stack by Hi-Tech Pharma

For lean, hard muscle the Hardcore Cutting Stack is one of the best stacks you can get. The combination of 3 Hi-Tech Pharma Prohormones, 1-AD, Anavar and Decabolin will help you get shredded. Not only that, but you will notice increases in strength and endurance.

1-AD, will help increase lean muscle gains and provide quicker lean muscle growth. It also has low to no estrogen conversion for minimal water rentention.

Anavar, has an extraordinary combination of muscle-building agents and strength increasing compounds. It also increases muscle vasodilation and protein synthesis. Plus, get intense muscular contraction and the ability to do more reps with added PCr and ATP.

Decabolin, will help you acquire hard, dry and striated lean muscle mass.

Directions: Take all three products together as directed on each bottle. After 30 days it is very important that you use a PCT to help restore your body’s natural hormone function. We suggest a product like Estrogenex 2nd Generation or Estrogenex Depot.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent results

    Excellent product stack with some amazing results. Was working out to lean out but while loosing fat was not seeing definition as the muscles. This product changed the dynamics – not much difference till week 2 and then week 2 the muscles and definition just blew up. Amazing product – but don’t get carried away and learn to cycle it per recommended use. Excellent results.

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