Dual Force Stack


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Dual Force Stack by Blackstone Labs

Stack Includes:
1 – Chosen1
1 – Brutal 4ce
1 – PCT V

The combination of Chosen1 and Brutal 4ce is perfect for those wanting muscle hardness, increased strength and aggression. This stack is designed for bulk muscle, plus strength and size gains with the inclusion of PCT V to help keep your gains by increasing natural testosterone and blocking estrogen.

Liposomal Delivery increases bioavailability up to 99%!

130mg of 1-DHEA per day
130mg of 4-DHEA per day
plus a complete PCT

Days 1-30 – take 1 tablet of Chosen1 and Brutal 4ce twice per day.
Days 16-45 – take 1 capsule of PCT V twice per day.