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Testalensis 250


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Testalensis 250 by APS

A Revolutionary Testosterone Booster!

Testalensis 250 is an all-natural test booster that uses only the most scientifically proven ingredients to elevate testosterone levels. You can expect more strength leading to heavier lifts, more muscle mass increase, lots of natural energy and a libido that will go absolutely through the roof.

Testalensis 250 uses the first and only standardized Bulbine Natalensis in the world. Brought to you by none other than APS. Obviously our standardized 100:1 extract ratio bulbine natalensis material is far superior to the current 1:1 extract NON-STANDARDIZED bulbine currently on the market. Not that some of that bulbine isn’t from the correct part of the plant or of the correct origin, because it is. But just like all other herbs the standardized version is vastly superior, the fact is our BULBINE is 100x more potent and emphasizes those components that effect performance and hypertrophy.

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