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Raze Mass Caps




Raze Mass Caps Muscle Builder by REPP Sports

Building more muscle mass without the use of unhealthy, unsafe supplements is the goal for most gym enthusiasts. Raze Mass Caps is here to help you do just that. The team behind REPP Sports knows how hard it can be to take your muscle building to the next level. This is why they created Raze Mass Caps so you can get past your plateaus and reach new PRs. Why not see better results when you push yourself harder every time you hit the gym.

Simply take one serving (4 capsules) first thing in the morning with eight ounces of water. Take for a continuous 8-12 weeks for maximum results, followed by a minimum four week break.

Raze Mass Caps has one of the most potent formulas and will deliver from the first time you take it. Get your ass up, get to the gym and make the most of each and every workout like you never thought possible.

1000mg Arachidonic Acid
300mg Turkesterone
300mg Ecdysterone
200mg Laxogenin
5mg Black Pepper
Need we say more!?

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Raze Mass Caps Muscle Builder
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