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The next evolution in virility and vitality optimization is here with K1ngs Blood. Everyone deserves to feel larger than life, with a spring in their step every day, to thrive mentally, physically and dare we say sexually! We set ourselves out to improve on prior versions and after painstaking research and vigorous trial and error, we have created a product that undoubtedly excels in every aspect, to deliver the best formula on the market! Olympus Labs in our usual style, continues to outperform the competition to bring you the most innovative and effective supplement not just for supporting testosterone levels, but to also enhance exercise performance, boost libido and supercharge that “alpha” feeling when you need it most.

K1ngs Blood features eight highly researched, quality ingredients at their clinically effective dosages. Do not be fooled by the imitators … Olympus Labs utilizes the highest quality extracts, including 5 patented ingredients, to give you the best results possible. This product was designed to be utilized anytime as a remarkably effective standalone hormonal, virility and performance booster, yet will undoubtedly be powerful enough to be used in PCT to provide the ultimate support when it is needed most.

Let’s explore one of the main functions of K1ngs Blood
Hypothalamus Pituitary Testicular Axis: To better understand how K1ngs Blood supports our bodies hormonal system, let us review some basic science. We are sure many of you have seen the common abbreviation “HPTA”, which refers to the key axis between the brain and the gonads which regulates endocrine function. The key hormones involved are follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing stimulating hormone (LH), collectively known as gonadotropins. They both act directly on the testis to promote the production of hormones (known as steroidogenesis) and reproductive functions (known as spermatogenesis). This ultimately results in the production of key androgens such as testosterone. Testosterone is a sex hormone (androgen) that is responsible for the development of masculine features and promotes muscle mass and sexual function. A common term that is used is total testosterone, which is the combined amount of free and bound testosterone in the body. Free testosterone is testosterone that is bioavailable or active in the bloodstream that your body utilizes and is responsible driver in promoting enhanced sexual function and muscle tone. Bound testosterone is bound to a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and that form is inactive.

Ultimately, you want to “free” the bound testosterone from SHBG so your body can utilize it. While it is advantageous to have high total Testosterone, it is important to note that you also want higher levels of free testosterone and lower levels of SHBG. Of course, K1ngs Blood has all this covered and so much more!

Why choose K1ngs Blood? It is a fully loaded formula which features all the renowned favorites such as extremely high-quality Icariin, PrimaVie® and KSM-66®. However, this newest version also contains a number of superstar new additions with FUROSAP® – clinically evaluated Fenugeek extract to contain a consistent, high-quality amount of the testosterone boosting active Protodioscin (a compound which is so often faked on the market). Further, we pushed the limits with sourcing possibly the most effective (no costs spared) extract of Tongkat Ali known as BIONUTRICIA® – forget about the endless amounts of useless 10:1, 100:1 ratio extracts on the market which in reality contain little to no active ingredients. BIONUTRICIA® is the absolute most effective extract available, it is standardized to contain a minimum of 2% Eurycomanone (up to 3%). This compound is the most clinically validated ingredient which provides the beneficial effects that Tongkat Ali provides!

So how do all these ingredients actually work? The ingredients found in K1ngs Blood synergistically work together to directly promote optimal hormonal production and spermatogenesis, through supporting the production of Gonadotropins FSH and LH, which drive reproductive function and testosterone synthesis, respectively. It also supports reduction in levels of SHBG, hence increasing free Testosterone levels. That results in key improvements in energy, mood, sexual function, muscle tone, exercise performance and fat loss.

Additionally, K1ngs Blood also promotes a healthy balance of cortisol and estrogen levels which can have a large impact on mood, energy and body composition. Cortisol is the body’s stress
hormone that controls your “fight or flight” response in a crisis. It plays a critical role in managing your sleep/wake cycles, blood pressure, blood sugar and inflammation. Cortisol also
manages how your body metabolizes macronutrients, in fact high cortisol is associated with excess belly fat.


Supports optimal free and total Testosterone levels
Optimizes the HPTA and enhances virility
Supports higher levels of vitality
Modulates cortisol and estrogen levels
Enhances body composition
Elevates exercise performance and recovery

How to take K1ng’s Blood Testosterone Booster

Take 4 capsules a day after breakfast or dinner. We strongly recommend not exceeding 4 capsules a day.

K1ng’s Blood Testosterone Booster Side Effects:

Please consult with your primary healthcare provider before taking this and any hormonal supplements.
This product is meant for men over the age of eighteen.

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