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Hydra Head Six


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Hydra Head Six by Antaeus Labs

The Six Headed Hydra must be slain. Like the mythical beast of yore, catabolic pathways relentlessly attack gruelingly earned muscle mass from many angles, particularly in dieting, post-cycle situations, and muscle wasting conditions. From the ancient myth of the divine hero Heracles to the modern reality of supplement science, HH6 is a revolutionary, industry defining natural, non-androgenic anti-catabolic. This isn’t putting a Band-Aid on a gash, only to watch it regenerate its destruction anew — HH6 cauterizes with fire. This is not your grandpa’s tired old creatine, glutamine, or BCAA product. This is a brand new way of attacking — a level of innovation that already makes it a living legend.

The Six Heads – Six Pathways for Eliminating the Catabolic Threat

The First Head – The most tantalizing way to decrease catabolism and muscle loss is to directly increase anabolism. Vitamin C 2-phosphate (VC2P) does exactly that. You will see that name, again — and for good reason. It’s badass. This is not the Vitamin C that was in the orange juice your mom made you for breakfast this morning. VC2P is a much more stable, long acting derivative of regular Vitamin C. More importantly, it is the only form of Vitamin C that can accmulate in muscle cells following oral supplementation. It has been shown to promote both skeletal muscle fiber hypertrophy and differentiation.

Ursolic acid is a triterpenoid found in numerous plants. It has long been demonstrated in the data to have a myriad of beneficial effects, but it normally has poor bioavailability. HH6 complexes it in a cyclodextrin for superior solubility, thus partitioning, thus bioavailability. It potentiates amino acid (leucine) induced muscle differentiation. Further, it has been shown to increase muscle mass, fiber size (both slow and fast twitch), as well as exercise capacity and grip strength. Lastly, Ursolic Acid produced an increase in serum irisin levels and muscle strength — a fact which may underlie the recomposition effects that users of high-dose ursolic acid products have noted.

The Second Head – Dieting is stress. With a sustained decrease in calories, the body thinks it is starving. This sets off a cascade of metabolic events designed to reduce calorie hungry muscle mass in order to decrease energy expenditure.One of these mechanisms is through increasing cortisol/glucocorticoid activity. Prolonged, excess activation of the glucocorticoid axis is profoundly catabolic.

Our most trusted weapon, VC2P potently inhibits hydrocortisone induced cellular damage. Magnolol, a neolignan from magnolia, also blunts the glucocorticoid cascade via its GABA-A inhibitory activity.

The Third Head – Catabolism is also made widely manifest through the runaway production of reactive oxygen species and inflammation. As with cortisol, it is a normal and necessary part of cellular processes, but like other people’s daughters on spring break, it is bad news when they run wild. VC2P is not only longer acting than Vitamin C, it is a more potent free radical scavenger. Magnolol attenuates inflammation and damage with its own antioxidant activity. Oenothera odorata is a perennial plant from South America. Oenothera odorata root extract suppresses expression of peroxide and superoxide dismutase, reducing muscle atrophy compared to control.

The Fourth Head – Our next pathway is one that you might not typically tend to think of – blood flow. Dieting and weight loss cause vasoconstriction via alpha adrenergic receptor upregulation and increased activity signalling. This decreases the uptake of pro-anabolic nutrients to the muscle cell, as well as decreasing the clearance of catabolic byproducts of metabolism. Ligustrazine is a component of the widely popular Chinese herb, Chuanxiong, which has been found to possess vasorelaxant properties. It induces this vasodilation through an increase in nitric oxide and cGMP. This is the same mechanism as the boner pills, in case you were wondering (and we know you were).

Magnolol comes to the aid in this fight from the opposite direction. It inhibits vascular contractions through a number of alternate cellular signaling pathways like Akt, eNOS, TRB3, and PPAR-gamma.

The Fifth Head – Malificent nutrient partitioning is yet another way your body gets you, proving its hatred of the strong and beautiful. Basically, nutrients and calories go preferentially to the formation, growth, and maintenance of adipose tissue instead of muscle. Quite obviously, we want to remedy and reverse this – and we are. Increasing the use of adipose tissue as fuel spares muscle mass, and it increases glucose uptake in muscle vs. fat. This increases protein synthesis while also increasing lipolysis, in a virtuous circle.

VC2P positively impacts lipid metabolism by decreasing lipogenesis and increasing lipolysis. Magnolol stimulates glucose uptake in muscle cells by increasing GLUT4 at the cell surface. Further, it activates key protein synthetic elements of the insulin signaling pathway, including mTor and Akt, as well as lipid oxidation pathways like AMPK and PGC-1a.

Ursolic acid acts as an insulin mimetic, increasing GLUT4, glucose uptake, as well as glycogen content of muscle. Even better, it increases brown fat in skeletal muscle, thus increasing thermogenesis, fatty acid oxidation, and energy expenditure.

Ligustrazine increases mitochondrial biogenesis, thus increasing fatty acid utilization. This not only increases fat burning (and may improve insulin related health issues), it spares glucose for use in muscle cells, to preserve energy and mass.

The Sixth Head – Our final and most important tactic in our fight is to directly decrease catabolism itself. That is what this product is for, after all. When dieting, you have to work out less, or you are going to get crushed by overtraining and free radicals and inflammation looting and burning your muscle stores. This decrease in muscle fiber overload is essentially like a mini-version of being bed-ridden. The literature on denervation, hind-leg/tail suspension, immobility, and cold muscle tissue covers this aspect of metabolism, extensively.

Ligustrazine postpones muscle atrophy indenervated muscle by reducing the expression of a number of catabolic enzymes. It has likewise been found to do so in tail suspension (simulating weightlessness), with a reduction in atrophy.

One of the most important mechanisms for muscle fiber damage and destruction is an imbalance of intracellular calcium ions. Ligustrazine protects against Ca2+ overload, protecting the muscle mitochondria and the cell. This protection has been found to protect against protein degradation and muscle loss. Our trusted brother in arms, VCP2, releases ascorbate in the muscle cell to protect against this calcium ion excess. It also facilitates the action of IGF-1 on muscle cell formation in cold muscle tissue.

Ursolic acid produces hundreds of small changes in mRNA of muscle cell to combat muscle atrophy and weakness. This is mediated by a protein called ATF4, which is increased with glucose deprivation in the muscle cell. Magnolol suppresses catabolic proteins (including myostatin) and induces protein synthetic agents IGF-1 and Akt, mitigating inflammation and atrophy. Oenothera odorata root extract reduced or fully inhibited several catabolic indicators in denervated muscle, supporting maintenance of muscle mass, strength, and volume.

Flawless Victory – You have done the work, continue to reap the rewards. HH6 is an absolutely essential instrument in your battle to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 120

Ascorbic acid 2-phosphate 250mg *
Ursolic acid cyclodextrin complex 125mg *
Oenothera Odorata root extract 20:1 75mg 250%
Ligustrazine 50mg *
Magnolol 50mg *

*Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

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