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Game Day Nootropic



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Game Day Nootropic Pre-Workout by MAN Sports

Game Day Nootropic Pre-Workout, THE high intensity pre-workout.

The STRONGEST Game Day formula yet… an ode to OG Game Day, the formula that put us on the map. Rather than simply re-launching an old formula, we wanted it to be BETTER. Ingredients have evolved, flavor systems have evolved and this is the next step in the evolution of Game Day Pre-Workout! Game Day Nootropic provides intense energy, a euphoric mood boost, massive pumps & performance in a nice smooth feeling package.

High Intensity Formula
Laser Focus Nootropic
Euphoric Energy from Alpha 2 Stim Blend
500mg Dendrobium nobile Extract
400mg Caffeine Anhydrous
Muscle Hydrating Pumps
Features 100mg S7 and 600mg Alpha GPC

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (11.3g)
Servings per Container: 25

Muscle Hydrating Pump 5100mg
HydroMax EZ Flow Blend (Glycerol Powder 50%) 5000mg *
S7 (Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract, Tumeric Extract, Tart Cherry Extract, Blueberry, Broccoli, Kale) 100mg *

Mind:Muscle Nootropic Connection 3470mg
L-Tyrosine 1000mg *
Alpha GPC 50% 600mg *
Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder (Hericium erinaceus) 500mg *
Dendrobium nobile Extract (10:1) 500mg *
Cymbidium Goeringii Extract 400mg *
Theobromine 200mg *
E. Orchidaceae (full spectrum plant & root) 200mg *
Velvet Bean (Mucuna pruriens) (seed) Extract (std. to 98% L-Dopa) 70mg *

Alpha 2 Stim Blend 428mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 400mg *
L-Theanine 25mg *
Yohimbine HCl 3mg *

*Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients:

Directions: Take one serving (1 scoop) with 8 oz of cold water 15-30 minutes prior to training. Do not take within 6 hours of sleep.

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