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Ep1logue Natural Muscle Builder by Olympus Labs

Olympus Labs has delivered an upgrade to the already outstanding Ep1logue formula released in 2017, that countless people have used as a staple in their bodybuilding journey.

Exciting new ingredients combined with the core features of the original formula, has delivered an exceptional upgrade to the products effectiveness from legendary to outright GODLY. The core ingredients of the formula, featuring Olympus Labs developed (-)-Epicatechin and PhytoFUSE delivery system, to help improve the absorption of (-)-Epicatechin anywhere from 200% to 600%, on top of providing you with a whopping 600mg dosage. (-)-Epicatechin is a well renowned ingredient, which has been shown to boost Follistatin, thus inhibiting Myostatin, the rate limiting protein on muscle growth!

Also included as part of the core formula is UroBolin, an ingredient Olympus Labs proudly introduced to the market. It has been shown to be 80% more anabolic than testosterone, 57% more effective than the sugar regulating hormone at increasing protein synthesis, that helps to increase muscle growth while simultaneously preventing the breakdown of muscle.

The upgrades to the formula begin with a revolutionary, new, and exciting ingredient known as Abscisic Acid, a remarkable glucose disposal agent, utilized to support extreme recomposition. Abscisic Acid promotes glucose uptake from the blood stream into skeletal muscle and brown fat cells, delivering nutrients for growth and a substrate for energy production.

A clinical dose of Chromax is utilized to synergize with Abscisic Acid to send glucose metabolism into overdrive and optimize sugar regulatory hormone sensitivity.

It doesn’t stop there, they wanted to give you a serious turbo boost by adding another outstanding ingredient Ligustrazine, a potent nitric oxide booster that you will feel right from the first dose. When you hit the weights, blood will rush to your muscles to increase your vascularity and give you a pump that triggers the activation of muscular hypertrophy.

The combination of these natural ingredients are a bodybuilder’s dream; helping to build lean muscle and promote fat loss simultaneously, promote exceptional vasodilation and
vascularity, with the added benefit of preventing muscle breakdown! A true multifaceted product that will shine whatever your goal may be!

Natural muscle growth and fat loss has just been taken to the NEXT LEVEL!

Command your destiny with Ep1logue today!

Key Benefits of Ep1logue:
Helps Increase Muscle Growth
Supports Increased Protein Synthesis
Helps Increase Strength
Optimizes Sugar Regulatory Hormone Sensitivity
Supports Optimal Muscle Recovery
Promotes Optimal Glucose Disposal
Helps Reduce Muscle Fatigue
Optimizes Blood Flow
Helps Increase Vascularity
Helps Inhibit Protein Catabolism

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