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Anavar PCr by Hi-Tech Pharma

Rethinking Creatine Supplementation
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Support System
Optimizes Muscular Energy Through Enhanced Phosphagen Utilization
Promotes Increased Strength and Repetitions During Training

Creatine is the most research-proven muscle-building supplement ever discovered. Truly effective creatine supplementation not only optimizes creatine availability and its utilization in the creatine phosphate (PCr) energy system, but also enhances the efficacy of creatine and the adenosine triphosphate and PCr energy systems, including by delaying the onset of muscular fatigue through intervention in intramuscular metabolism that results from muscular overload. Typical creatine supplementation simply does not do this….only Anavar-PCr has a multi-faceted approach to accomplish this important muscle-building task.

Anavar-PCr in a nutshell…

Anavar-PCr goes way beyond simply enhancing the supply of numerous state-of-the-art creatine forms for storage in the body as creatine phosphate (PCr). Anavar-PCr is an advanced creatine technology that also provides several sophisticated non-creatine compounds that enhance the efficacy of creatine, PCr, and the duration of uninterrupted adenosine triphosphate (ATP) supply by delaying the onset of muscular fatigue.

For bodybuilders, powerlifters and strength athletes, the dual-prong ingredient formulation in Anavar-PCr enhances the ability to perform more intense workouts by allowing for the handling of heavier weights and the ability to perform more reps at any given workload, which leads to substantial increases in the development of muscular size and strength.

The development of Anavar-PCr, by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, is a new model of human energy dynamics that will revolutionize bodybuilding and strength training through optimization of muscular contraction. Anavar-PCr… thinking outside the creatine box.

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