The Ins and Outs of Creatine

Backstory Creatine is such a widely recognized supplement, the PR is through the roof with this one. It’s something that almost everyone has heard of, and it has a significant amount of research behind it. With how much research has been done, and with so many studies that continue to be updated, people are still […]

The Basics: Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAA’s are a very well-known and popular category of supplements, right next to pre workout and whey protein. For that reason, we thought we’d provide a basic breakdown of one of the biggest supplements on the market. Ask anyone who sells or takes BCAAs and they’ll probably tell you things that will lead you to […]

Bio Hacks to Start Your New Year Healthy

Getting your health in balance to help you live your best life is a new years resolution we can all relate to. We often associate supplements with super ripped bodybuilders and people who have a lifestyle centered around fitness. But the truth is, supplements, by the broader definition, are something that can combat health issues […]

Tips to Stay Healthy over the Holidays

Tips to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays  Being at home with family over the holidays isn’t always joyful. It can sometimes be stressful. It’s not all gingerbread decorating and alcoholic eggnog. And if it is, stress isn’t going to be the only threat to your health over the holidays. It’s dairy-rich high-carb calories, staying indoors […]

Everything You Need To Know About CLA Supplements | Are they worth it?

There’s been a lot of hype around CLA supplements lately. So Black Diamond Supplements decided to write a blog post answering the frequently asked questions around CLAs and explain in detail, what they are and what exactly they claim to do. Here are the questions we’ll be answering: -What is CLA? -How does it work? […]

Why Eat Organic?

Eating organic sometimes gets a bad wrap because of how expensive it can be. However, is it just another overpriced health fad or can organic food really prevent harmful illnesses and protect your body from toxicity? What if you can’t afford to buy solely organic, how can we protect our bodies against these toxins in […]