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NutraKey 5-HTP



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NutraKey 5-HTP

Main Benefits Include:
Increased Sense of Well-Being
Help Improve Sleep Cycles
Greater Energy Levels
Reduction in Appetite

Sleep Deeply: Boost your mood, feel better, and recover faster.

A by-product of l-tryptophan, 5-HTP works in the brain and central nervous system to promote serotonin production.1 As one of the most potent “feel good” hormones in the body, serotonin produces the feelings of satisfaction, relaxation, and well-being that are associated with eating, deep sleep, high social ranking, and general well-being.

The most potent effects of 5-HTP supplementation include its ability to greatly reduce depression, mitigate the effects of migraines, enhance mood, and promote deep, relaxing sleep.

Sleep Better, Live Better

In addition to fatigue poor sleep may often result in reduced mental capacities, poor mood, and compromised immune system functioning. By promoting serotonin production in the brain, 5-HTP supplementation has been shown to improve the quality and quantity of deep sleep. While not permanent, the benefits of better sleep include faster recovery times, better protein synthesis (muscle growth), and better cognitive and physical performance.

Finally, since serotonin plays a vital role in mood regulation and perceived social hierarchy, it’s thought that 5-HTP supplementation can result in generally happier moods, more energy, and better attitudes throughout the day.

Reduce Calorie Intake

Since serotonin is released by our body when we’re full or satiated, supplementing with 5-HTP can result in a reduced appetite and suppressed hunger when taking it with meals – helping to prevent overeating and unhealthy choices when dieting. In fact, 5-HTP has been shown to be one of the most effective natural appetite suppressants on the market today.

Deep sleep also has the benefit of promoting healthy testosterone production, which can further assist in weight loss, while also contributing to muscle growth, endurance, and strength gains.

Ready to Sleep Deeply?

NutraKey 5-HTP has been specially micronized for superior absorption and bioavailability in the body. Created with the highest quality ingredients and to the strictest standards, NutraKey 5-HTP is designed to work faster and more efficiently than most other supplements.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 120

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) 100mg *

*Daily Value not established

Recommended Use: Take 1 capsule with water or your favorite beverage twice daily on an empty stomach or with food. Take first serving in the morning and second serving afternoon or evening.

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NutraKey 5-HTP
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