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Lipo Elite

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Lipo Elite High Energy Fat Burner by Competitive Edge Labs

Losing body fat is a goal for many, however it is not always easy and that is why Lipo Elite was created. This high energy fat burner/thermogenic is a multifaceted supplement designed for anyone who wants to lose stubborn body fat.

Lipo Elite provides fast-acting, long-lasting energy and focus to get you through the day and help you train harder to maximize your effort. Gone are the days of being self-conscious about those extra pounds.

Stop with the endless working out and dieting with minimal results. Grab a bottle of Lipo Elite to control your appetite, increase fat loss, boost energy, and enhance focus. Achieve maximum results more easily without killing yourself trying to figure out why you can’t shed that unwanted extra weight. It is the ideal way to burn fat but not muscle. Don’t let losing weight take away your hard earned muscle.

Get that jumpstart you need with Lipo Elite high energy fat burner. Once you start you’ll never look back and your new physique will inspire others and give you additional confidence.

12 premium active ingredients including:
1,000mg MitoBurn®
200mg Cocoabuterol®
150mg CaloriBurn GP®
50mg gbbBURN™
300mg N-Dimethylphenethylamine
200mg Theobromine
100mg Synephrine
50mg KannaEase

Can be stacked with LipoVantage, M-Test, Anabolic Effect, Epi-Plex, and other Competitive Edge Labs products to help you reach your individual goals.

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Lipo Elite High Energy Fat Burner
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