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Elite DHEA Bulking Stack



Elite DHEA Bulking Stack by Blackstone Labs for Increased Size and Strength

The Elite DHEA Bulking Stack includes:

AbNORmal contains 19-Nor DHEA for improved muscle growth
Brutal 4ce – contains 4-DHEA for increased testosterone to build more muscle mass and strength
Chosen1 – contains 1-DHEA that is designed for increased lean muscle mass, helping you avoid the unwanted bloat sometimes caused when bulking
Metha-Quad Extreme – a combination of 1-DHEA, 4-DHEA, Androsterone, and Arimistane for the ultimate gains when trying to increase muscle size and strength
Eradicate – includes Arimistane to combat the aromatase enzyme, limiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen
Gear Support – a multi-faceted organ support supplement designed to protect your body’s organ from daily toxins
PCT V – a post cycle therapy to cover you after your cycle so that you keep your gains by helping your body return to its natural state, balancing testosterone while maintaining low estrogen levels

How to properly cycle your Elite DHEA Bulking Stack:

Days 1 to 30:
One tablet of AbNORmal, Brutal 4ce, and Chosen1 two times per day
One tablet of Metha-Quad Extreme once per day
One capsule of Eradicate two times per day (days 1 to 45)
Two capsules of Gear Support once per day (days 1 to 45)
Days 31 to 60:
One capsule of PCT V twice per day

This stack is not recommended for beginners as it is very strong.
Be prepared to be the envy of your gym buddies and them begging you to tell them what it is you are taking to add that hulking mass and increase your strength to new levels.

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Elite DHEA Bulking Stack
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