Monster Plexx | Innovative Labs | Beast Prohormone Supplement

It’s time to awaken the giant within you. Monster Plexx by Innovative Labs (acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals in 2015) is a prohormone supplement that’s been on the prohormone scene for a while. When it first came out it was one of the first quad stacks on the market.  The new and improved version of Monster […]

Sparta Nutrition | Strongest Supplements for Bodybuilding

We here at Black Diamond Supplements pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers with the best, strongest supplements on the market. In saying so, we want to introduce you to one of the latest brands Sparta Nutrition. Sparta Nutrition prides themselves on offering the strongest prohormones in the industry. By now many have heard […]

Become A Pro at Stacking Prohormones

A question we get a lot here at Black Diamond Supplements… “What is a good stack?” Well that depends… Let me start out by giving you a little detail on the prohormone compounds that are available and legal. Each compound has different benefits, so the best way to start out is by knowing what you can […]

Prohormone vs Testosterone Booster

Prohormone vs Testosterone Booster: Which Is Right For You? It is inevitable, we are going to keep aging unless time freezes. As most of you may know with age comes some less than ideal effects on your body. One of those being males start to see a decrease in testosterone at about the age of […]

Lipodrene vs Lipodrene Hardcore | Superior Weight Loss

Lipodrene with Ephedra vs. Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra These are among the top sellers in weight loss supplements. They both have Hi-Tech’s Proprietary Blend that contains ephedra extract (25mg), senegalia berlanderi extract and either Methylhexamine HCI or 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, both known as DMAA. You may be asking what makes them different from each other and […]

Decabolin | The World’s Best Anabolic Prohormone

Claimed to be the world’s best anabolic prohormone, Decabolin by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is not a supplement to mess around with. Decabolin was formulated from the ground up with serious athletes in mind. It’s designed to increase muscle gains and strength, improve workout performance, and safely and effectively replace anabolic steroids. Decabolin is 100% safe and legal. In our […]