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SuperHuman Intra BCAA/EAA Recovery Supplement by Alpha Lion

SuperHuman Intra will play a vital role in your ability to build muscle faster with less downtime for recovery. Building solid muscle faster does not have to be hard and take forever. If you use the right supplements and use them regularly you will notice the difference in how your body performs.

SuperHuman Intra is the ideal intra workout supplement combining BCAAs and EAAs, which are essential to fuel your muscles. BCAAs have been on the market forever and for good reason, they work. The latter, EAAs, you might not have heard of much up until recently. EAAs (essential amino acids) are even more important and require supplementation because your body does not produce them naturally and you do not obtain them from food. SuperHuman Intra contains 10g of all nine aminos acids, not just your BCAAs.

Let’s not forget about the electrolyte and hydration aspect of SuperHuman Intra. I mean we all know that staying hydrated is very important for many reasons, staying hydrated can keep you performing your best during each training session. Dehydration can cause fatigue and why deal with that when staying hydrated with an intra workout is so easy and tastes so good.

Alpha Lion has your back with their superior intra-workout supplement, an anabolic gains quencher. Don’t let all the hard workout you put in at the gym or on the field go to waste, get the most out of every second.

Alpha Lion brings you supplements that both men and women can take and their Intra is no exception. They only use the best of the best when it comes to ingredients, I mean after all getting a life long customer is what its all about. They choose not to use proprietary blends, giving you full transparency on what is in your supplements.

Use SuperHuman Intra with a pre-workout for workout crushing performance, try SuperHuman Supreme or SuperHuman Burn.