Superdrol Stack


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Superdrol Prohormone Stack

This stack includes:

Superdrol, helps dramatically increase size and strength, plus increase muscle hardness and density.

Laxogenin 100, helps build muscle and/or enhance athletic performance.

Liver-Rx, a revolutionary liver support system.

Arimistane, an advanced, multi-faceted post cycle support supplement to raise testosterone levels and block estrogen.


Weeks 1-3: Take 1 tablet of Superdrol two times daily (8-12 hours apart).
Weeks 1-4: Take 1 tablet of Laxogenin 100 two times daily (8-12 hours apart). Take 3 tablets of Liver-Rx daily.
Weeks 3-6: Take 1 tablet of Arimistane two times daily (8-12 hours apart).